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Going on Vacation! Yea!!!! (Scroll down for new posts)

Hello all!

Just a brief note to inform you that I’m heading out on a vacation!  “SunnyC” will post in my absence should some things pop up that Why O’ Why tries to cover.  Although I’ll be monitoring (sporadically) the blog (especially since I was informed of a punk azz attempted “hacker” named ‘flyinhigh_69’ trying to make havoc here), I’m leaving the blogging in good hands with SunnyC.

She and I did a tutorial about how to post (images, videos and text) this weekend so I’m leaving Why O’ Why in good hands with her.  She posted the “Something Cute” clip (see that HERE or scroll down) as a test run, so I hope you’ll like her style.  I’ll be back in 2+ weeks.  She does have a crazy schedule but she’s assured me she’ll post the things Why O’ Why likes to address here.

In the meantime and in between time, please– feel free to check out the previous postings.  (I know you guys are going to miss me though!  haha lol!!!)  By the way… from here on, it’s all in SunnyC’s hands.  My sincere apologies that I was not able to reply before my flight.  And O’ yes, before I forget, when and if she posts anything while I’m away, she’ll note: “POSTING(S) COURTESY OF SUNNYC”.  Hopefully she’ll find the time, spot the stories and do a bang up job as a substitute!  I trust that you guys will let me know if there should ever be a need for a substitute again! (BIG SMILES).

Love, peace and soul(Train)– I’ll see ya’ when I get back!!!!  :)’S

6 thoughts on “Going on Vacation! Yea!!!! (Scroll down for new posts)

  1. I was looking forward to a reply from my last comment (about flyinhigh_69), but I hope you’ll enjoy your vacation nevertheless.

    Enjoy your time away and see ya’ when your return.

    • Forgot to mention BEWARE OF THOSE NAKED BODY SCANNERS you’ve been talking about. A suggestion, let us know how that goes. I think (based on your posts here) that COULD be a story.

      Be safe and have a great time. And yes, I’ll miss you! I’m off to work now. See you when you return.


      • Hi C! Hahahaha! I do have a quick body scanner story that I’ll post in the coming days. You know, it’s a really pathetic state we’re in. TSA reminds me of Otis and Barney from the Andy Griffith show (for some reason).

  2. Enjoy your vacation and try not to have too much fun. LOL!

    Nah seriously have all the fun in the world.

    “SunnyC” okay. Let’s roll….

    • Hi Don! I did everything I could think of and I still might make it to heaven one day! haha. Thanks for the well wish, man. I’m back in the saddle again.

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