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9 charged in suicide of bullied teen Phoebe Prince

This is awful.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass —Nine teens have been charged in the “unrelenting” bullying of a teenage girl from Ireland who killed herself after being raped and enduring months of torment by classmates in person and online, a prosecutor said Monday.

Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel said 15-year-old Phoebe Prince of South Hadley was stalked and harassed nearly constantly from September until she killed herself Jan. 14.  The freshman had recently moved to western Massachusetts from Ireland.  “The investigation revealed relentless activities directed toward Phoebe to make it impossible for her to stay at school. The bullying for her was intolerable,” Scheibel said.  Six teens — four girls and two boys — face charges including statutory rape, assault, violation of civil rights resulting in injury, criminal harassment, disturbance of a school assembly and stalking.  Three younger girls face delinquency charges.  Click HERE for the full story and video clip.

I’ve said it before, bullying is NOT something that comes natural.  Bullying is something that children initially experience within their homes, long before they begin to attend school.  It comes at the hands of siblings or other families members.  By the time children enter school, a foundation of bullying has been laid.  And now that we have the internet, bullying has taken on a new (and cowardly) way of taunting children.  And to know that the school officials were aware of her being harassed but did nothing to intervene is astonishing.  Astonishing also is that these school officials will not be charged for there inaction.  This is a fail from all sides.

13 thoughts on “9 charged in suicide of bullied teen Phoebe Prince

  1. Oh my God, not another bullying suicide. Has it been determined yet whether Nancy Grace of CNN was bullying this victim of a suicide like she is alleged to have done to another victim by calling that victim by telephone to her home where Nancy berated that victim to the point of suicide? Might be time to lock her up before any more victims are lost.

    • Hi Michelle! Welcome to our ‘family’!! 🙂

      I feel so badly for this child and her family. I mean, this is a sad case on all counts.

      I want to make sure I understand your query– Nancy Grace of CNN is a bully too? Not a “fan” of Nancy Grace, it’s been a while since I’ve tuned into her show but are you saying she’s a bully as well in this case? Honestly… I wouldn’t be surprised, but I do want to clarify your questions a bit before responding fully.

      Nancy does have a way of berating her audience and viewers (that’s why I’ve turned away from her)… but is there a reference to show the example you’ve described here? To me, well, she’s like Bill O’Reilly with breasts! hahaha. Some lunatics should never be allowed to be seen or heard on (national) cable. Raped and then being bullied (cyber or not) is completely being overlooked with our teens today. This poor child… THIS POOR CHILD, is all I can think about. My heart aches for what Phoebe had to endure…

      • I agree, this is a sad case on all counts, and on so many levels. The reference I made is from a current federal lawsuit filed against her about her unprofessionalism in treating a victim of a crime, with her bullying-tactics which lead to the victim’s suicide within hours of Nancy placing a phone call to the victim’s residence as she berated the victim and televised her crime on national television. If you want me to dig up some links about that case, let me know and I can see what may still be left available since CNN bought up many of the sites in their multi-million dollar lawsuit defense strategy. I guess if people don’t have ready access to the information, then that may allow CNN to retain some of the viewing audience of CNN as they continue to rake in millions of dollars in advertising revenues. It is just despicable to victimize crimes as was done in the Prince case, as well as in the Nancy Grace cases where she has helped to end the lives of victims of crimes. Don’t forget the two suicides of the two Virginia-Tech students that also committed suicide shortly after being interviewed and berated by Nancy a few years ago too.

      • Hi Michelle— sorry for the delay, I just returned from vacation.

        I have to look into this on Nancy– please send some links because she’s still on the air isn’t she? This is outrageous!!! It’s funny, I haven’t seen or heard one blurb on this!

  2. This is sad and an outrage. It makes me sick, things are like they use to be. I was reading a friends blog, you might wanna check it out. I forget the title of the piece but its about a boy who is dragged down a flight of stairs and shot. Check it out: http://goddesintellect.com

    • I simply hope the bullying will finally come to an end. I never thought it was part of the human experience as this is learned behavior by poor parenting (IMO).

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