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No More Musical Posts– here’s why (I’m probably going to lose “cool points” for this but oh well)…

NOTE: I only want you guys to watch the below clip from the beginning to the 2:28 mark.  If you decide to watch the entire clip that’s cool too.

I’m sure that most will not be able to wrap their minds around this but I’ve gotta’ put this out nevertheless.  I’ve made the difficult decision to end the musical posts at Why O’ Why.  The “buzz” of how music is filled with symbolism has been spreading like wildfire in the blogesphere recently (past 5 mos. or so).  I’ve mentioned that I’ve been aware of this type of activity but I’ve been under the impression this was pervasive within certain music or amongst certain artists (your Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper types, etc.).   I finally have something tangible for people to see exactly what is in the music we hear and those videos we (including our children) watch.  (Thanks “T” for the clip.)

I need to add that I was one of those people who thought this subject was a bit over blown for a long time.  ‘As long as I’m not buying or listening to that sort of music I’m good’, was my thinking.  I thought and believed things like; ‘well, this stuff is not affecting me’, or ‘it’s not entering my subconscious’.  But when I saw this ‘right in your face and no need for commentary’ sort of evidence, I’m now convinced that there is some sort of agenda being filtered through our music.  So when you watch this (aforementioned) clip you should ask yourself, why would that image appear in this video at all?

Additionally– I’ve recently been reading about information on the pineal gland.  This gland is the size of a pea and is located in center of our brain.  For those who don’t know (because I sure didn’t) this gland secretes hormones, in this case– melatonin which helps regulate our sleep (among other things).  I am currently researching this subject but some of the research I’ve gathered indicates that this small [little] gland holds some clues on how the subconscious mind may work.  And check this out… I’ve located the writings by a man named René Descartes (1596-1650), who was a French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, and writer.  He regards the pineal gland as “the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed”.  There are many more who came before René just as there are many who continue to study this subject after him. So far what I’m gathering about this tiny little gland, is that it remains a vastly curious subject which is intensely studied to this very day.  This little gland has even garnered it’s own {medical} Journal.  With that said, as long as there is the potential to see with my naked eye (or subconsciously) any of the imagery that is clearly being placed within music, I’ve gotta’ call it quits on the music thing, folks.  Decide for yourselves…

For those who know don’t know me– giving up music is a HUGE deal for me.  I’m not one that’s easily swayed either.  But there is such a significant amount of information on this subject that it has raised questions for me: ‘what are the true messages in the music we hear and the images we see but more importantly… how is this affecting us (the listener)?    I’m using this (aforementioned) clip because it’s crystal clear that something unnatural, negative and completely unnecessary does appear.  Again, why?  Do yourself a favor– google the original video (Umbrella by Rhinna video) so that you can verify for yourselves that there is no manipulation going on within this clip.  Hey, I don’t expect one person out there to relate to what I’m trying to convey but I’m not the kind of person to willingly allow anything negative to enter my personal world.

So… this final posting of music comes from George Howard (a musical artist that did NOT succumb to the questionable music we hear and see today) entitled No, No”.  Hey… if you have loved music as I have– well… maybe some will appreciate this last post.

Not trying to get ‘all religious’ on you guys– but I think I’ll end with this:

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear”.  Matthew 11:15

14 thoughts on “No More Musical Posts– here’s why (I’m probably going to lose “cool points” for this but oh well)…

  1. I’ve been quiet until now. Here’s my perspective.

    You’re on the right track with this post. There is more than meets the eye. This is treacherous territory. It’s important for others who don’t understand so do you! Become aware and discuss the strategy. A good place to start, ban the music.

    Keep it up *YOY. Keep it up.

    • I agree with you moni_manDRUM4. Do you (Why O Why)!

      To YOY, I’m glad you posted this. The dark images in music today is disturbing. It’s the type of thing that’s visible but most will never know exactly what they are seeing. It’s odd, most of us know that the subconscious exits, but refuse to accept how it can affect us. It’s all subliminal.

      Once I saw the portion you wanted people to see (Rhinanna) in this clip, I watched the entire clip. I’m now watching all parts of this clip too. I’ve bookmarked this site so keep up the great job of trying to expose this to others.


      • Hi 4vertru!

        “It’s all subliminal”… I second that emotion. We’ll never really know how these negative images (and words) are truly affecting us.

        Quick story you may appreciate… years ago there was an artist called Boss. She had a song called “Deeper”. Back then, that was my song!!! I listened to it one afternoon during during drive time traffic. An azz hole cut me off and nearly caused an accident involving me and three other drivers. I became so enraged that when a stop light caught us, I got out of my car and confronted this man. I look back on that incident and realized two things… that song WAS affecting me (which is why I got out of my car and bucked up to the guy). The other thing that occurred to me is that he could have shot me without hearing a word I had to say. Google the song and check out the lyrics and beat– there did seem to be a “driving force”. I’m a true believer that words and thoughts give birth to our circumstances. I’d simply prefer positivity than anything negative.

        And I’m glad you could see the image that appears in the Rhianna song. I thought it was clear as a bell. If she’s supposedly singing about ‘the love of a guy’ then why does the image of the Baphomet head appear in a “love song”? It’s a contradiction that I can’t pretend I didn’t see.

        Thanks for stopping by and bookmarking the site too. BTW, you might find this site useful: http://theindustryexposed.com/

        Peace and blessings to you as well.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I realize this subject is unpopular but this particular clip was clear cut to me. And trying to get people to ban the music, well… I’d say that’s pretty much impossible. I’ve made the personal decision to put down the music, but really, it’s taken me years to get to this point. Music has been such a huge part of my life that I feel like I’m going through withdrawals or something. (smiles). I only wanted to announce the decision to end the music here at Why O Why because I can no longer post music with a clear conscious.

      I simply want to encourage people to look into the subject on their own– research is definitely out there.

  2. Ya’ll trippin. This is paranoia 101. IT’S JUST MUSIC!! Get over yourself. Really, find a fucking hobby! When I blow up in the music scene I look forward to coming back to this lame ass site to put you in your place! Believe I’m comeing back blazin! Ya’ll just hatin’ because music artists is making mad dough! Get a job and get over yourself for real. SMDH at the speculation.

    • Is that how you behave at somebody else’s place? You must not be a popular little boy, what with you showing off your ignorance and intolerance like that. I’m sure your mother taught you better than that.

    • What’s with all the anger? If you don’t agree, you don’t have to. But you don’t have to insult others to voice your opinion. “Crazy follows crazy”… I consider that an insult therefore why waste your time coming to this “lame ass site” as you put it? I tell you what flyinhigh_69… when you can articulate yourself in a mature fashion then we can have a discussion. I don’t mind a debate (a heated debate even), but I can’t have you or anyone insulting others who differ with your views.

      • I was wondering if you were going to address this kid (Punk is a better description). I have to say, I would have pounded this guy– you’re reply was much nicer than mine would have been if this was my site. Let’s see if he has a comeback.

        P.S. He also left a comment under your En Vogue post in case you missed it.

  3. C Dobson – Don’t bother. People like that feel confident because they feel that they are covered by anonymity. He’s probably so stupid that he doesn’t realize that he’s left an IP address to Jazz.

    • Hi there Wilfredo! I just received a message from wordpress– I have to pay to secure this site now! Although I thought it was secure initially, this is new news to me. I’ve got him blocked now. Thanks for letting me know he’s using my IP– I’m reporting this to wordpress as well. Really… good looking out man! I appreciate the heads up!

      NOTE TO ALL: I apologize to anyone who may have received a harassing messages from this boy. Again– he’s blocked now. I’ve payed the monies to secure this blog. Shit! This was just a simply hobby, now it seems I’ve gotta’ suffer the ills of the internet. According to the site for a more secure blog, they are initiating a more secure status so there may be intermittent loss to Why O Why for the next 1-3 hours. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there are any more messages received from him.

  4. I can’t say that agree but in a world where anything is possible….anything is possible. As with everything else I see, read, or hear…I take it with a grain of salt and consider the source. It does make you think.

    • Hey… I hear ya’. It’s a hard pill to swallow. What finally persuaded me was that subliminal image in that particular video. Even when I think back on this post, it still bothers me that that image was placed in it at all.

  5. Thanks for the info I too have stop watching TV and trying to disconnect from most music because once you know truth you can not then be in denial… It is very crazy that one only 5 rich poeple in this world own all of the media within the US that is why I am thinking about moving away just to have a different view of life and this world… I know a lot is coming because it is promised in the Bible but that does not mean that you can not take a stand or prepare for what seems to be coming… We are so detracted as Amercians we all need to take our mind back… This is a country who makes big money off of it’s citizens pain and never off of there well being… I also know about the checkerboards and the symbols in music and on TV I mean I even see a show that had a segment with a child praying to Satan would see that on TV 20 years ago… Even this you website will be controlled or deleted soon if it does not fit the new agenda.. Right now I am just trying to enjoy freedom as I feel it because soon it may be obsolete very soon…

    • I expected people would think I was a tomato short of a salad with this article but a seed has to be planted somewhere. What’s funny to me about this topic is that people can believe it when Alice Cooper or Marilyn Manson is labeled a devil worshiper but not J-z, not rihanna, not bounce (excuse me, Beyonce). Blacks are atheists too, you know? And why can’t the devil use music to seduce us? It’s very enticing…

      When deregulation starting sweeping through industries, no one seem to be aware that everything was being steered into the hands of a few powerful people. “Even this you website will be controlled or deleted soon if it does not fit the new agenda”… SAY IT AGAIN!!! People are going to shocked when the internet won’t be the internet anymore. Don’t you think it’s interesting that Obama keeps appointing Czars? Czars– what an interesting choice of title…

      Money is the root of all evil– no one can convince me that we are not idolizing and worshiping money. We’ve become superficial and money hungry and easily distracted when media tells us we must have the latest gadget. I’d personally like to see someone challenge us to 1 week without television, music, and all outside influences. I think it’d probably be worse than a drug addict going through withdrawals, for some. Sounds like you’re eyes are clearly opened thank God! My thing is, people don’t really have to know all the symbolism– just tune out and watch how clear your mind starts to become. “once you know truth you can not then be in denial”… I SECOND THAT TO THE THIRD POWER! “Right now I am just trying to enjoy freedom as I feel it because soon it may be obsolete very soon…” people are going to be terribly surprised when this happens. To me, it feels like the move in that direction is being given a swift push forward. I almost forgot to add this tidbit– Walt Disney isn’t even safe. It’s far from innocent viewing for children. We’ve been living in a sick environment for a very long time and television has been leading the way from it’s beginning. People are definitely underestimating the subconscious in our minds– we’re taking it and are being spoon feed our behavior. I have to give ‘the bad guys’ credit for one thing– they’ve covered all bases. Really, thanks for chiming in on this subject! It feels good to have an impact on this because whether we believe it or not, it is occurring. An interesting person to read about is Edward Bernays– Sigmund Freud’s nephew… he’s credited for mass marketing…

      Welcome to our little family, Resurrected! Peace.

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