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House approves bill to limit use of body scanners

BOISE — The House has approved a measure limiting the use of X-ray body scanners at security checkpoints in Idaho airports and government buildings. Under the bill passed 58-9 Thursday, security officers could only operate the machines to scan people who have failed a prior security test, such as a metal detector.

Athol Republican Rep. Phil Hart’s bill would also require the Idaho Department of Homeland Security to prove the scanners aren’t detrimental to health before any machine is allowed to operate in the state. Some of the machines create detailed images of people, and Hart says his bill is ultimately about protecting privacy.  Boise Democrat Rep. Branden Durst cast one of the few ‘nay’ votes.  He says the bill could hamper airport security’s ability to protect against terrorist acts.  As many as 11 airports across the country are now using the machines.  SOURCE: KTVB.com

Most of you already know my position on ‘the invasion of the body scanners’.  I’ve added the picture of what is seen as we go through the naked scanners.  With a simple technique that even I know how to use, the image on the left, turns to the image on the right:

The ‘before’ is no better than the ‘after’ in my opinion.  I’m honestly amazed that so many Americans just aren’t understanding how invasive this is.  And I guarantee that this is not going to 100% fail-proof. There will be other terrorist attempts even if we allow these machines to take over every airport in this country.  This whole ‘security thing’ is out of control.  None of our security measures were able to catch a man with NO passport or luggage (aka Xmas Bomber), but they’ll frisk a child?  You haven’t heard about the latest TSA f*ck-up?  Check the clip below:

Boise is on the right track to gain control of a situation that is clearly steering out of control.  I’m utterly amazed by how so many of us are so cooperative, when these machines have not been tested for safety.  I remind everyone– these machines emit radiation.

5 thoughts on “House approves bill to limit use of body scanners

  1. I’m with you in that security is spiraling out of control. The clip is a little shocking because it’s clear that the child is upset by the TSA person touching her. I mean how do continue to make a child cry?

    As far as the images, well, that’s not something I would want to go through and I wouldn’t want my girlfriend or children to go through this machine either. The pic on the right is surprising though. I’ve decided not to fly for a while.

    • Hi str8tshooter55!

      Well… although the information on how to create the second image is out there on the internet, I’d prefer not to repeat it. But I will tell you this, there’s no need to by extra software– this program is on every computer.

      From your other comment; ‘how do you continue to make a child cry’… AGREED. Discretion should have been exercised. More verification for me that TSA hires unqualified people for something as serious as SECURITY. SMH at the whole damn thing.

  2. Agreed. How can an adult continue to make a child cry? I bet that TSA person feels pretty crappy since the incident was aired on the news.

    And WHOA at the images. That’s straight up naked! I’m not feeling these machines either because that’s too much for these men and women to see. You’re suppose to be looking for weapons and such, not checking to see if I have a Brazilian wax!! They are out of line for this.

    Question, where’s the research on radiation? I hadn’t heard that radiation was being emitted.

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