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Airport Worker Warned In Scanner Ogling Claim

The 25-year-old worker made lewd comments after his colleague Jo Margetson, 29, mistakenly strayed into the scanner, which can see through clothes to produce an image of the body, the Sun newspaper reported.  The case is believed to be the first of its kind since the full-body scanners were rushed into service at a number of British airports in the wake of an attempt by a suspected Muslim extremist to blow up a plane bound for Detroit on December 25.

They are now being rolled out at airports across the world.

Details of the incident at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on March 10 emerged on the day lawmakers said concerns that the scanners were intrusive had been overblown.  Margetson told the Sun she had been “traumatized” by what had happened and had informed police and her bosses at the airport’s operator BAA. “We treat any allegations of inappropriate behavior or misuse of security equipment very seriously and these claims are being investigated thoroughly,” said a spokeswoman for BAA.  “If found to be substantiated, we will take appropriate action.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said officers had been informed of the allegation and “a first instance harassment warning has been issued to a 25-year-old man.”  Opponents of scanners have argued since their introduction that they risked breaching individuals’ rights to privacy. Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission has already said they might be breaking discrimination and privacy laws.

“For every official caught ogling like this, there are plenty more eyeing up law-abiding travelers,” Alex Deane, director of the Big Brother Watch campaign group, told the Sun.  “These expensive machines are totally disproportionate.”  The government says staff using the machines are properly supervised and would not be able to see the person being scanned. All images are deleted.

Britain’s parliamentary Home Affairs Committee said fears about the scanners were misplaced and they should be introduced at a faster pace to deal with the threat of terrorism.  “The Committee is satisfied that the privacy concerns that have been expressed in relation to these devices are overstated and … should not prevent the deployment of scanners,” it said in a report.  SOURCE: Reuters

Man… this article has pissed me off in a way I’m finding difficult to describe right now.  I might articulate my thoughts later.

8 thoughts on “Airport Worker Warned In Scanner Ogling Claim

  1. Ok I just read the other article on body scanners first. This employee should have been terminated. He’s seen his co-worker naked! How is the victim able to block that from her mind? I’ve been harassed by male co-workers on a previous job and I could not imagine them being able to see me naked and then I’d be forced to work along side them after.

    “The Committee is satisfied that the privacy concerns that have been expressed in relation to these devices are OVERSTATED and … should not prevent the deployment of scanners,”– this is a completely dismissive response. Translation: we hear you, but we’re doing this anyway because we don’t care that you feel violated or traumatized… WTH?! Outrageous.

    • Thank you! That is just part of the reason this article pissed me off! Glad someone is on the same vibe.

      And to think, my annual trip to Amsterdam is coming up! SHIT!!

  2. To be honest, I don’t really care about being ogled. If you want to ogle, fine, that’s on you. I’d rather HAVE the scanners and be safer and ogled, rather than not have them and be blown up. (I may be exaggerrating, but you get my point.)

    It’s not like the person is touching me inappropriately. People have dirty thoughts about others whether they’ve seen then naked or not. Plus, nakedness is a natural thing. So… *shrug*

    • Wow, Zuly, I couldn’t disagree with you more than I do now. The invasion of privacy is too high a price for safety, and I really can’t abide by that. I mean, what if you have a small penis?

      Listening: Peace Train covered by Dolly Parton.

    • Hi there Zuly!

      Looks like we’re on opposite ends of this debate. I don’t mind being admired, but ogling is very offensive to me. And remember, they already busted one TSA person who admitted to wanting a 14 yr. old to be his sex slave so who’s to say how many more creeps work within that broken system. Another problem I have with TSA is that they hire high school dropouts in an effort to reduce their bottom line. Nothing against high school dropouts, but I don’t think they qualify for jobs in security.

      To let this slide and forfeit our rights is a very slippery slope because our privacy will be invaded in other areas too. This is a direct violation of the Constitution (I think it’s the 10th Amendment… been a while since I’ve looked at it).

      My biggest problem with this though… they have not tested these machines for safety– can’t say that enough. It would be the same as creating a vaccine and then giving the shot to everyone. Thorough testing use to take 5-10 years, now they’ll simply put something together and ‘enforce it’. I have a problem with that. To each his own of course, but if seeing folks naked everywhere is cool, then we should all be able to go to work or to the airport butt azz naked! lol.

      • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the privacy issue, Jazz. As for the testing for safety, yes, that needs to be done. But the percentage of people who fly so frequently that the amount of radiation emitted would become problematic is probably not that high.

        I mean, how often do you fly? I know I don’t fly very often, maybe twice a year. If the amount of radiation is so severe that flying two times a year would cause health issues, then you’re completely right, they should be discontinued. If it takes 1000 times of going through them for something to happen, then I say it’s an acceptable risk. I mean, other things we do, like driving or riding in a car are far more dangerous and we don’t stop doing them.

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