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Man Accused of Urinating on Women in Jersey City

According to MYFOXNY.COM – Police in Jersey City have arrested an ex-con they say has been urinating on women at a bus stop in Journal Square, a source said Wednesday.  Nitinkumar Patel, 27, has urinated on at least seven women in the last three months, a law enforcement source said.  He was caught Wednesday morning while urinating on a 16-year-old girl at the bus stop, a law enforcement source said.  Two victims have identified Patel, the source said.  He spent almost six years in prison for aggravated assault convictions, according to the New Jersey Department of Corrections. Patel was released in January 2009.  Click HERE for the video clip.

WOW!!!  Absolutely disgusting!  I don’t know what I’d do if I turned around and some sick azz dude was pissing on me!

12 thoughts on “Man Accused of Urinating on Women in Jersey City

  1. This is sick! I can’t believe he did this over the course of 3 months! One victim of this is too many, but 7 over three months– where are the cops?!!!

    Let me log off, been off the clock the 20 minutes. (Thank goodness I don’t have to wait for the bus here).

  2. This is so sick. I looked at the clip and what a pip-squeak. I know what I’d do now that I’ve thought about it, I’d pull my licensed pistol and shoot!

    How do I know he doesn’t have AIDS/HIV and how does he know that I don’t have an open injury on me? I accidentally cut myself two days ago (took a fall at work and fell on something that cut my leg)– he could have pissed on that area!! Yes, I would have shot. Piss may only seem like a wet (disgusting) “inconvenience” to some, but what if he’s HIV positive? I echo C Dobson– WHERE WERE THE COPS? 7 women and 3 months is too many in order to catch him.

    I’m glad I don’t live there

    • Alrighty then, Thelma (or Louise)! lol! And excellent point on an open wound and the HIV possibility. In that case, ‘his piss’ could be considered a lethal weapon.

      That’s a first though… I can honestly say I’ve never heard of anyone just taking a piss on somebody. What a jerk.

  3. If he did this to the wrong woman (like the one above my comment) they would have found him a long time ago….stretched out and bleeding.

  4. Jesus H. This happened where I live (when I’m not at school). I take the bus there all the time! Gross. That’s why I don’t let people get too close. Fucking shady ass sickos.

    • Shut up! Shut up! This happened where you live? Maannnn— I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what I’d do if this happened to me! So any thoughts on why it took 3 months to catch this lil’ fuker cuz DAMN– 7 women and 3 months. Oh wait… let me guess… there’s not a donut stand in the area for the cops to want to come to the neighborhood! hahahaha.

      Damn shame is all that comes to mind. I looooovve men, but boooyyy some of them can be creepy azz pus-filled vermin!!!

      Sidebar: Like the new pic– reminds me of a friend on the beach in Padre while I was working like a slave! Looks like you’re maxin’ and relaxin’! 😉

      • Jersey City is pretty crime ridden, I’m not surprised they took so long to catch him.

        Thanks for the compliment on the pic btw!

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