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Feel Good Fridays – (FGF) Michael and Janet: Stop Pressuring Me

Okay… I have to post this just because I was able to find the video.  Hope you’ll enjoy and happy Friday!

(Good song, but there is so much more than meets the eye here!  This song is much deeper than most will EVER know…)

5 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays – (FGF) Michael and Janet: Stop Pressuring Me

  1. Seems as though *YOY* has been digging into the music we hear. BRAVO!!!! Good ears and eyes.
    I have checked ur blog quietly from time to time and I’m glad you posted this. There is lots going on in this vid. thank u for posting it. Question, have you seen this site: http://theindustryexposed.com/ ??? If you have not, you may want to check it out one day. A suggestion you might like

    I want to thank u for posting about the subject of milk to (did a search on your blog and found it). I like the music in the clip btw. That video helped to explain a portion of why I can’t drink milk anymore.

    For your readers; there is so much happening around us and many are unaware. I’m glad this was posted because it shows the lyrics. It may take some time for a bunch of people to understand the images and words but now there’s something for them to see and question. With any luck, people will question. I liked this song (still do) I suppose the difference now is that I see and hear things very differently. I did love the shots of Janet in this video. I’m a man first and that’s my only defense because Janet is FINE! hahahaha

    • Hi Terry and welcome to the YOY family!

      Yes, I recently finished watching his series on the music industry. I knew this was happening in music for a very long time but I was surprised to see how wide spread it is. I always associated this with rock mostly (AC/DC, Def Leppard, etc.), but to know that it’s in all forms of music, yeah, I was surprised. And Janet is fine, but you realize she’s in it too? I wasn’t in the U.S. at the time, but that superbowl “fiasco” was completely to benefit that sick music agenda. I really hope people will start to see the music biz for what it is. Breaks my heart that so many are being so easily seduced by it.

      And I’m glad you liked the video on Milk. I thought they did a great job of presenting the facts so I’m glad it was helpful. Thanks for stopping by, man! 🙂

  2. Whats up yo! just wanted to come by and check you out and say thanks for keeping me motivated, cuzz of you I’m gonna get back on my grind. You bloggs are good I like your writting style, well if you have one.

    • Hi there stranger! How are you?!

      Hahah… “if I have a writing style”… I obviously don’t have a writing style lol. I just write about the things on my mind and try to assess the madness that is this crazy azz life we are all experiencing. I feel fortunate if my points are made because too many happenings around the GLOBE cause me to say “Why O’ Why” (hence the title of the blog here).

      But you’ve got to get back in the saddle again, man. Because of your site, I began researching into this whole “music thang”, so just know that your efforts have not fallen on deaf ears. Some more words of encouragement for you– “if you write it, they will read” (spoofing from the movie “Field of Dreams”– If you build it, they will come”. So get back to it– there are some people out there who WILL appreciate what you do on your blog too! 😀

      Love, peace and soul (Train)! 😉

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