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Did you know there’s a place called Gayville, South Dakota? LOL!!

After reading the name of a city from a reader who’s from Gayville, SD, I wanted to see if there were other oddly named cities out there.  Not only did I find odd names, here’s a list of cities that is down right hilarious!

  • Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Intercourse, Pennsylvania
  • Hell, Michigan
  • Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
  • Climax, Michigan
  • Crapo, Maryland
  • North, South Carolina
  • Big Bone Lick, Kentucky
  • Poop Creek, Oregon
  • Walla Walla, Washington
  • Fart, Virginia
  • Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales
  • Pussy Creek, Ohio
  • Sugartit, Kentucky
  • Yak, BC (Canada)
  • Bastard, Ontario (Canada)
  • Big Beaver Lick, Kentucky
  • F*cking, Austria (pronounced “Fooking”)
  • My Large Intestine, Texas
  • Shitbritches Creek, California
  • Bobbin Head, Austrailia
  • Coxsackie, New York
  • Spread Eagle, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Assawoman,Virginia
  • Frog Suck, Wyoming
  • Lizard Lick, North Carolina
  • Tittybong, Australia
  • Pysht, Washington (pronounced pished but looks like ‘pissed’)

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22 thoughts on “Did you know there’s a place called Gayville, South Dakota? LOL!!

  1. Hilarious! I can’t pick a favorite lol. I always thought Walla, Walla, Washington was a joke too. Thanks for the chuckle. 🙂

    • Okay… have to agree with you– I can’t pick a favorite either. I’m trying to decide but can’t because these are insanely funny!!! LOL!! I don’t know why, but I’d think that “Shitbritches Creek would be somewhere in the south (like in Alabama maybe), not California! Thanks for the post.

      Happy Friday ya’ll!

      • I see you’re making the jokes! It’s cool, I’m use to it! I think I’d go with Fart, Virginia for a favorite.

        I’ve went to San Francisco 8 mos. ago, met a lady that I really wanted to get to know. Of course the cool points went out the window when I told her where I was visiting from and as usual, I’m asked if I’m gay. Luckily I travel often and the work I do makes me cooler than being from Gayville. But Fart, VA– you couldn’t make that cool if you tried. lol I always am able to remind people that the word ‘gay’ use to mean ‘happy’ (only), but how can you ‘spin’ Fart?!

      • Hi Oscar! haha… you had to know I’d chuckle 😉 And just think of the irony… all of the anti-gay folks in the U.S., but the U.S. has a city called Gayville?! Friggin priceless.

        You are so right about Fart, VA– no way to spin [a] Fart!! lol Good one, man.

    • @oscar “but how can you ’spin’ Fart?!” good point hehe haha

      funny and i agree. living in fart, va cannot be cool no matter the spin lol

  2. “I’d think that “Shitbritches Creek would be somewhere in the south (like in Alabama maybe), not California” I forgot to say I agree! lol. That doesn’t sound like a name for the west coast.

  3. Ohio, Pennsylvannia, Ontario take the cake. LOL!

    Too funny @ Sugartit, Kentucky.

    Oh, I can definitely believe there is a city named Gayville. I once lived in Atlanta.

    • I lived in Atlanta too and that’s where the real Gayville is! lol!

      I’m just trying to imagine [as a woman] how I’d feel inside if I had to tell anyone or even write that I live in Pussy Creek! lol. That one is crazy. hahaha Out of all the names on this list, this one sounds like one of those cheesy porno flicks! lol

  4. Well, this is in Spanish, but here in El Salvador we have a town called Cara Sucia (Dirty Face) and Ateos (Athiests). I think the second one is funnier because the country’s name is translated to The Savior.

    Listening: Quick Canal by Atlas Sound (a nice little groovy pop with a beat)

    • Hi there! Like the new pic, man! 😉

      “Cara Sucia (Dirty Face) and Ateos (Athiests). I think the second one is funnier because the country’s name is translated to The Savior”… Dirty Face is funny, but the second (Atheist) well, that’s friggin’ priceless! Sort of makes me curious about other funny names across the globe. I never expected there would be F*cking, Austria! lol.

      Listening: actually doing some research for a post right now…

    • Hi there, Rosenn and welcome! So glad you got a chuckle out of this! Gotta admit— either we’ve got some creative city planners floating around the u.s. or the names of these cities are indicative of a person who’s had a really stiff drink or some serious drugs BUT they are funny, aren’t they?!

      “… within the present day universe that’s quite hard to accomplish”… that has got to be the sweetest thing anyone has said! It’s ruff out here but a little laughter goes a loooong way! If you’re interested in another one of my favorites take look for “two cute kids fighting”! lol! Kids and puppies (and now cats) are my CRYPTONITE!

      Thanks for the kind words, Rosann! It’s made this snowy Monday morning even better!

      Jazz 😉

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