DAMN SHAME / Serious Shit

6 thoughts on “NYP looking for man in brutal bathroom beating

  1. Thank you. Recently heard about this but have seen no images of this creep. I’m not far from the area where this happened. I hope the police catch him soon.

    • I hope they catch him soon as well. Very unnerving to know that a man could do something like that to a woman who declined his ‘advances’.

      Thanks for stopping by and be safe. Peace

  2. I read about this last week and was very disturbed. I thought ‘damn what happened to the days of a guy just calling a girl a b**ch when she rebuffed him’? I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten that response…mostly in my 20s. 😉

    It’s now gotten to the point where he beats the crap out of her for not being interested?

    I hope they catch this fool…and soon!

    • Yeah, I’d much rather deal with being called a b**tch because I rejected some jerk… but this is insanity! I’m glad the video is good quality so they can catch this creep quickly. The thought never crossed my mind that something like this could happen in a public restroom– that poor woman.

  3. Ugh, it’s so easy for shit like that to happen in these joints! At this bar I frequented, I remember how three murders took place, but few noticed because it was so crowded.

    Listening: Cria by Zuco 103.

    • WOW! Now that’s deep! I guess it would be pretty easy with the noise level. Damn shame– because all people want to do is enjoy a night out.

      Listening: gonna’ check out your recommendation 😉

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