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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Esperanza Spalding – Overjoyed

I normally don’t dig live recordings– would much rather see live performances rather than to hear “hand claps” on a CD.  I’m also not a ‘huge fan’ of remakes (especially remakes of some of the “classic” recording artists)– but Esperanza did justice to this one!!   She turned this tune into”her own” and I’m totally ‘down with that’!  So please… dig and enjoy her funky (and cool) rendition of “Overjoyed” (originally recorded by Stevie Wonder)”…

Sidebar and final notation… you cannot tell me she ain’t rockin’ the heck out of her afro! 🙂 Thanks, Wilfredo for hipping me to this lady!  Winks atcha’… BIG winks atcha, man!

4 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): Esperanza Spalding – Overjoyed

  1. I heard this song on vacation recently. I knew it wasn’t Stevie of course, but have always wondered who sang this. Long compliment short— great choice!! Thanks for pointing me into the right direction to find the artist.

    I made a joke once before but I have to ask again– are you a DJ in a past life?!! hahaha. Jokes aside, I dig the sounds from this remake too. Two thumbs up for her performance.

    • hahaha! No… not a former DJ. I think that’s a compliment too! (smiles) I can relate to hearing a song while on vacation. I’ve got two in my mind that I still have no clue who recorded them. Hey– I’m glad I could help in that regard. 🙂

      “Two thumbs up for her performance”… ditto! I thought she did a bang up job with this remake.

  2. It gives me great pleasure to have introduced you to this fine and talented young woman. She also does and excellent Body and Soul a la Brazilian jazz.

    Listening: She by Zuco 103 (speaking of Brazilian)

    • Yeah, she’s right up my alley as far as offering some talent in the talentless arena of music these days. Very refreshing. I’m surprised she has a record deal or getting airplay considering she has on clothes! (total sarcasm of course) 😉

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