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Credit: The American Love Affair

We think we understand the credit industry, but most of us have no clue and here’s why… it was designed that way!  This documentary is called “Maxed Out” and boy o’ boy is it worth taking the time to view.  Be warned though… if you are a non-drinker, you’ll definitely want something stiff after this!  Thanks so much, Clint for sharing!

Here’s part 1.  One more thing… if people are unfamiliar with Elizabeth Warren, you should take the time to get to know this woman (she appears in this documentary so you can get a sample of her).

(Just click over to youtube for the other parts of this documentary)

5 thoughts on “Credit: The American Love Affair

  1. this is good stuff so thank you for posting it. seriously, i was doing a search and this site showed up. glad it did.

    i’m now reviewing my mortgage agreement and credit card rates. WOW– MY MIND IS BLOWN AWAY! i don’t know whether to feel glad that i now know or mad that i didn’t know this prior to putting my name on a dotted line. RANT ENDED

    thanking you for posting this.

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