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4 thoughts on “Something for our daughters (and women)…

  1. I’m going to let your readers in on a little secret. And you’ll have to forgive my crudeness, but it is necessary to make the point…

    The girls in these magazines, the ones many women covet and attempt to model themselves after with make-up and fashionable (ugly) clothes and high-heel shoes (which of course were invented by men), are not most mens’ ideal woman.

    These are the women we view as sexual objects. We don’t look at them and think, damn, I’m gonna marry that hot ass chick some day. Consider them like a car, where the excitement wears off after a couple of drives. No, we think with our dick’s and that means no respect is put forward on our parts. This is the goal of advertising. You see, when we think with our dicks, we are irrational and unloving, unemotional and hormonally driven, and we do things we might not otherwise do and act in ways we know we shouldn’t. And we buy things because of this aroused state.

    But once the initial excitement wears off – the sense of conquering so to speak – the true nature of the magazine model comes to bear and there is no substance there to keep our interest, just another cover girl, who looks like all the rest. And so, we go on to the next conquest, expecting different results but always finding the same lack of substance. Many men and women cheat because their minds are not fulfilled.

    So who’s the bad guy here? Well, the women always say it’s the men. But have these women ever considered that they are just setting the men up, and themselves, for a failure and disappointment? Is it not this industry of beauty and advertising that keeps us in this vicious cycle?

    I stopped dating these type of women long ago. I am attracted to personality, no make-up, and intelligence. I am aroused by conversation and uniqueness. I despise plastic surgery and augmentation. And I am best friends with whoever I date.

    The moral of the story here is this: if you want to land a decent man, advertise yourself as a decent woman. If you want sex and abuse, keep reading beauty magazines and put cancerous silicone in your breasts and engage in botulism. You’ll keep attracting the men who will abuse you.

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    • Hi Clint! This was absolutely not crude in any way! To the contrary, it’s the sort of dialogue women need to hear from men in order to understand how wrong so many women have been when trying to “snag a man”. I’m one of those women that when I finally understood this, I’ve been shouting from the mountain tops ever since.

      “when we think with our dicks, we are irrational and unloving, unemotional and hormonally driven, and we do things we might not otherwise do and act in ways we know we shouldn’t.” THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING THIS, man! So for all the women out there who think the way you dress or behave a certain way and you believe you’re gaining “cool points” with some guy… that’s really what is going through the minds of true men out there. The only attention you’re gaining is the next notch on the bed post.

      Ladies, we set ourselves up for failure every time we allow these images to affect us. And for anyone that doesn’t believe they are being affected by advertising, well, I can only say, you are in deep denial and are clueless about how the subconscious minds actually works. For a long time in my 20’s I didn’t think I was being affected by this, but I got a real wake up call about it– I’ve never looked back either.

      Again, Clint, thank you for weighing in on this important topic. I only hope that other women out there will heed the warnings and insight you were willing to share!

      Sidebar: I will check out I’d like to have info about health and wellness for others to be able to utilize. 😉

  2. Thanks for posting this video. It took me awhile to watch it (at work) so I ended up watching a few minutes then stopping then watching a few more minutes then stopping … until I had watched the entire video.

    My thoughts usually vary when it comes to these types of issues. My having a 16 year old daughter I constantly squabble with her concerning what I think is and isn’t appropriate dress code. Usually my words are adhered and there is no problem. Then, then are the times where she appears to not listen to what’s being said by me or her mom (different households) and I realize that I am a parent, experiencing the same problems that my mother experienced with my sister.

    So, although I continue to speak my mind and hopefully guide her into a light that I feel is the proper way to view herself in this day and age for a young lady … I understand the times have changed, for better or worse. And I prepare for a soft spot on my shoulder in order to comfort her during those times where, I imagine, she will surely come crying , in the end.

    Society has a powerful influence over young and immature minds. I cannot emphasize this enough. If asking, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these big corporations taken to task. They say, this is America, yet I am sure these billion dollar corporations know how much of an influence they have upon people who are not comfortable within their own skin. And why aren’t they comfortable?

    Well, because the market for “what is beautiful” is being set, daily.

    Great post.

    • True, it’s a Billion Dollar business but that’s because us consumers make it so. These companies will never do the right thing as long as the cash registers are ringing. Consumers can put a stop to this anytime by not making the purchases.

      And man, do I feel your pain with your 16 year old. I’m furious when I think how this industry targets them when they are so very vulnerable at that age. Did you notice the ad in 17 Magazine (in this video) that captions; “5 ways that sex makes you prettier”? Of course you know that 17 Magazine is targeted towards our teens. Bold, just bold as hell!

      If I may offer a bit of advice… maybe you, your daughter and her mother should all watch this one evening. I think it could be a very effective way for her to learn her value before she heads off to college, that’s for sure. I feel that once your daughter is able to see just how many years women have been targeted to be ‘sexual beings and perfect in every way’, she may begin to truly understand the concept of “loving herself” thereby becoming a leader vs. a follower and would reduce her chances of being used by some of the men she is certainly going to encounter as she enters into the real world.

      I also think this is a video for young boys too– they are definitely being impacted by this thought process.

      Glad you liked it! Please, feel free to share it too. 😉

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