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Major retail stores selling used underwear! WTF?

Yes, the title is correct!  This is shocking to me.  I have always washed new underwear before I actually wear it out of habit because I KNOW lots of people don’t wash their damn hands.  But to discover that some stores (Macy’s and even Sak’s) will actually sell used panties— maaan… that makes me want to kick somebody all up in the face!!!  This is just plain ole’ shitty!!!  Click HERE for the video clip.

10 thoughts on “Major retail stores selling used underwear! WTF?

  1. I’m with you on wanting to kick somebody in the face! I wash before wearing, but I always thought you COULD NOT return underwear?! Wow! This is f’d up!!! And I bought some stuff from Victoria’s Secret right before Valentines day! UGH!!! You’d think this report would have been made BEFORE Valentine’s Day! From here on I’m buying those cotton Ladies Hanes panties I see that are PACKAGED when I’m at Target or Wal-Mart!

    This really “ruined” my WORLD!!!! Unbelievably nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with u on every word. I purchased some things b4 2/14 at Bloomingdale’s!!! I didn’t wash prior because I always thought there’s no way lingerie would be sold if used! I feel like such a dummy!. I usually catch TODAY before work but missed this report. I’m disturbed and mad at myself. I feel sick now. Utterly disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ::dead at pic::

      • I went with that pic because I really wanted to drill home just how filthy this is! Just because you can’t see anything, doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Days after reading this, I’m still mad about it! And I forgot about Valentine’s Day– ewwwww!!!

    • “You’d think this report would have been made BEFORE Valentine’s Day!”… good point!! I’m going to look for those Ladies Hanes on my next trip to Wal-Mart or Target b/c this is too gross! I blame the stores for this practice, but also I’m thinking, what kind of woman returns underwear that she knows she’s worn?! Disgusting!!!

    • Me either– I ALWAYS thought that a “no return policy” was STRICTLY practiced. And to know that some stores will actually put these personal items back on the floor immediately after they are returned… makes my blood boil!!

    • Hi there… they did it at The Gap, Victoria Secrets and a few others. You must click the link to see the hidden camera expose’! Freakin’ disgusting! An ex employee at one of the stores blew the whistle thank goodness! I always thought there was a strict no return policy on underwear. Makes me wonder how many YEARS this has been happening. UGH!!!

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