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Can someone please explain to me why we continue to VOTE?!

This aired (on HBO) while I was living overseas.  When we watched this a few nights ago again [with my neighbors] it opened eyes in a whole new way about our “fair voting system”.

It’s all a freakin’ joke, people.  BTW– there are far more of “us” than “them”, so we should have ‘shut ’em down’ back in 2004 (is what I say)!  How?  By NOT VOTING!! Fuck all the protests, marches, petitions and all of that shit.  “Boycott the [fukin] Ballot” because WE CAN and that is one sure way to get their attention!  Our “government” is bullying us and we’re taking this abuse like underpaid street-walkers– all up the ass without so much as a kiss!

Some “food for thought”… we’ve had the same healthcare system problem (for example) since I was a child (more than 40 years ago) and this issue remains unfixed to this very day!  Isn’t that a major clue that we’re being jerked around?  They’ve (Dems & Repubs) have been bickering over this subject for more than a year now like a bunch of little bitches while in the meantime approximately 46 million Americans remain uninsured.  I challenge anyone to name just one thing our government has done to improve the quality of life.  Just one thing…

You owe it to yourselves to watch this important documentary:

So again… can someone please explain to me why we continue to vote?

10 thoughts on “Can someone please explain to me why we continue to VOTE?!

  1. I haven’t voted in 15 years. I think living in another country contributed to that; but I doubt if I would’ve kept up the whole charade that is democracy.
    I’ll have to see this documentary instead of porn some night this week, lol!

    Listening: The Easy Blues by John Martyn

    • Well right on, man! I quit voting 10 years ago and so many tried to make me feel guilty about it. (I just gave them a side eye of course). Hey– porn will always be there, shit I like some good porn on occasion too! 😉 But this documentary is pretty intense– and maybe your friends and family here in the states may like the eye opener. It’s funny– a kick-ass, lil’ round grandmother exposed this truth…

      Listening: scrolling through trying to pick something…

  2. I just watched this. It’s disturbing to see a truth in such a clear cut way. I understand why the woman cried in this film (don’t know how I missed this on HBO). Thanks for the post.

    • Hey… I feel ya’. I didn’t cry (as the woman in the film did), but I was left with feeling VERY disappointed after viewing this– even after seeing it for a second time.

  3. I voted for the first time during this past Presidential election. I haven’t watch the documentary, but I guess I’ll have to at some point.

    Personally I don’t see how not voting will get people’s attention, all it does is remove you from responsibility of what’s happening in government, but if you’re living in the US, you’re still living under said government. It was always my understanding that if you don’t vote, you don’t matter, and so you’re perpetuating the government’s ignorance of you.

    I believe that the problems in the US will not be fixed any time soon, probably not even in my lifetime. That’s why I want to live somewhere else. Too many shitty people live here and the food sucks. People are shitty in every country, but at least if I live somewhere else the food will be better. LOL.

    • Hi Zuly and welcome!!! Believe me, you’ll understand a little more once you’ve watched this documentary.

      That bullshit of “not voting” is all propaganda. I think it takes only 3 (no more than 6%) of the population to vote in a candidate in any race (primary, state or local). If no one votes at all, then that’s going to shake things up in a big way– quietly, peacefully but effectively. I know this because every time we vote, we legitimize a corrupt system. Our votes give them power and most people vote based on “the lesser of two evils”. But when the system itself has become very “evil”, than what does that mean about “voting”?

      Here’s a reminder I tell all my friends and family. In 2000, we actually didn’t have a president for (approx.) 33 days! (I’m so amazed that so many forgot what actually happened in 2000). You remember those 537 (more or less) votes that hung in the balance during the 2000 election (between Bush/Gore)? Well, people demanded a recount (because of Florida). While the “theatrics” of a recount was done, unfortunately the results were sealed by our Supreme Justice Courts (it can never be measured again– think Roe vs. Wade). A precedent will never be set from that debacle. Contrary to popular belief of knowledge of the current system– when we do not vote, they (govt) cannot be CONFIRMED into ANY authority. The voice of the people can actually be heard for the first time in decades! (and that’s exciting to me). That would actually give the minority of real leaders that are concerned i.e.; (Grayson, Paul, Feingold and a HANDFUL of others) who DO want to make a difference, a fighting chance to really change things. (Let me be clear– I’m not a promoter of any party or person who runs for office.) I name those guys because they pull no punches about the bad shit that’s happening. I know that we’ve all been taught to believe “voting” makes a difference– but the current system is so ENTIRELY corrupt now, that it can only be changed, not fixed (by voting for another candidate). I realize this is loads of brief info (a condensed summary), but when you watch this particular documentary, I think it will awaken the curiosity. When you have some time, just google/youtube Feingold or Grayson for starters. As a matter of fact, check this one out this with Feingold: https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2009/09/29/its-time-to-wake-up-heres-what-the-patriot-act-really-does/ (note who he’s talking to and his position in our gov’t.)

      Hey– as you can see… I could easily go on with this dialogue, 😉 but I prefer people dig and find things for themselves. Info is much more accessible than it use to be that’s for sure! Believe me… I’ve been digging around/researching for 10 years now.

      Hey– after living abroad, working with our military men and women on the front lines of combat– I’ve become extremely passionate about my (and everyone’s) future. I now know that “voting” is akin to farting in the wind… it dissipates quickly. You’re glad the fart is done (you cast your vote), but the build up of gas (or problems) remain! LOL!!! Forgot to mention, these problems really can be fixed easily– it shouldn’t take more than 40 years to fix anything IMHO.

      P.S. sorry for the delay in reply– was making and then eating dinner 🙂

  4. I am unable to watch the video now but I will be sure to remind myself, perhaps later tonight. I agree with you on the issue of healthcare. And it’s really sad when you sit and think about it – seeing as how America is a very rich and powerful nation, one that pretty much can have and give it’s citizens whatever it wants.

    While I understand the issues America would have concerning free healthcare I see absolutely no reason why politicians are unable to come together for at least one worthy cause. Maybe it’s like I heard someone once say (Chris Rock I think) – the money is in the medicine. LOL.

    Perhaps America need sick people as much as it needs another thing our country can put a serious dent in, if it truly wanted – crime. Think about it.

    • I hope you’ll eventually find the time because I think it’ll knock your socks off.

      “seeing as how America is a very rich and powerful nation, one that pretty much can have and give it’s citizens whatever it wants.”… I personally have come to believe that’s all an illusion. Our politicians have stopped hearing the needs and will of the people years ago. Whatever gets passed on healthcare now, will only be theatrics. Considering big corporations (which includes the health industry) no longer have caps on the campaign contributions– we’d better not get sick! 😉 One thing I feel that should be done immediately is to change the term anyone can remain within a post. We shouldn’t have ever allowed Senators (for example) to remain in office indefinitely! That’s just asking for corruption (IMHO).

      “another thing our country can put a serious dent in, if it truly wanted – crime”… that’ll never happen because more than half of our “officers” (and even judges) are criminal themselves! The last honorable cop I remember was Frank Serpico! I strongly believe the only way out of this unbelievable mess we’re in is to stop voting for these sick azz criminals. I doubt that will actually happen, but I’m hopeful. A friend once said to me; “the only difference between Dems and Reps is the spelling”. In front of the cameras, they have “pure disdain” for one another… but when they go on their vacations, they go TOGETHER.

      Last thing: “Perhaps America need sick people as much as it needs another thing our country can put a serious dent in, if it truly wanted – crime. Think about it.”
      We probably wouldn’t be so damn sick if we just stop doping ourselves up with these synthetic drugs they have starting marketing to us on TV. And everybody knows McDonald’s (for ex.) is nothing but a hot plate of shit, but we eat it anyway. I’ve become a vegan. Now, do I miss my homemade fried chicken? ABSOLUTELY, but when I started to understand our foods, well, it was an easy decision. I highly recommend that everyone check out “Food, Inc.”. We may not be able to rid our society of criminals, but we can certainly take the bull by the horns with our health.

      Thanks for stopping by Don– catcha’ @ “Minusthebars”! 😉

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