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Feel Good Fridays (FGF): some songs (for Black History)

Hi all!  We’ve come to yet another Friday (TGIF)!  We all (each of us) have survived another week!!  (I’m glad about that.)

I’ve been thinking really hard (throughout this last week) about Black History and which songs to include for this last weekend during this particular month.  Trying my best to include something “groovy” for all age groups. Really… it was a hard decision too.  So I decided to go with my GUT and include a few songs as reminders of “good ole’ days”.  After receiving some photos from a 70’s party I attended (not too long ago) and the coolness of THAT soiree’, well… here’s this weeks’ music selection.  Sure hope EVERYONE will enjoy these cool azz tunes.

We did a “soul train line” to THAT one… (LOL)

And what 70’s party is ‘complete’ without some Earth, Wind & Fire?!!!

This next tune is what we all grooved to because you ABSOLUTELY must  have a little of this one too (with a 70’s party)…

That tune was all about showing how agile we remain.  I tell ya’–  some of us are keeping up with the genes we were born with– “moving and grooving” as if we were still in our 20’s!  Some of the folks were moving in UNBELIEVABLE WAYS too (very cool to see)!  (I’m so glad I’m into yoga now (lol)!!!!)

Finally, I’ve gotta’ go with this one from “The Gap Band”!  It’s one of those “smooth funky azz grooves” that wasn’t heard nearly enough across the U.S at the time.  The year was 1978 (MAYBE ’79) and this group broke out in a BIG way with this tune.  I was surprised that this record was played during our 70’s party too– but I LOVED IT:

From my heart (with love) to you all!  Happy Black History Month!  Hope it was memorable and POSITIVE for everyone!!!


8 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays (FGF): some songs (for Black History)

  1. Hello. I’m currently in Thailand on work assignment. I’ll be here for 2 months. I get bored at times and miss the U.S. so I surf the web. That’s how I found your site.

    These song selections remind me of my going away party. I loved the 70’s too! Sounds like you had a good time at that party. I will keep this site in mind because you took me down memory lane. Thank you.

    Post more music when and if you can.


    • Well HI Amy from Thailand!!! Welcome!! So glad you like the tunes because we DID have a blast (at that party)! You can actually find other music we’ve posted by typing MWJ or FGF within our blog. Maybe (hopefully) you can see some of our other musical selections too. Normally, only one song is posted on those days. We only wanted to do something a little extra for this month. Have a great night (I think it’s night there). Take care, lady and don’t let the boredom get you down. You’ll be back home before you know it!!! (I’m sure of it) 😉


  2. Okay, you really went there with these! I completely forgot about “Brick”! Fun times indeed! I hadn’t heard that song by the “Gap Band”– but it’s CHOICE!!! Shit– I may have to throw a 70’s party myself after this! Thanks for the memories.

    Note: I rated this for you

    • I concur…

      Am now planning a 70’s party for Spring because this was cool. I hadn’t thought about EW&F for years. Thanks for the idea.

      I rated this too BTW!

      • You’re quite welcome! I remember the one EW&F concert I went to back then and it was one of the best nights of my life. They were the real deal and their music is timeless after all these years (IMHO).

        Thanks for the rating too! 😉

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment and rating on this! I almost went with “Happy” by Brick, but I was pretty sure no one would remember that one. And I figured “Shake” by the Gap Band would be well received b/c it’s just too funky to resist. If you do throw a 70’s party I’m sure you’ll have a blast because we sure did! As a matter of fact, we are still talking about it.

      Love, peace and soul(train)! 😉

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