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This madness must end!

I’ve never, I mean NEVER dug the mohawk.  It wasn’t cool when Mr. T did it either.  And let me be crystal clear—  NO ONE can pull this look off.  So please, please STOP IT DAMMIT!!!  And black folks look especially silly with this look:

This poor child.  Shit… is that a boy or a girl?

You cannot tell me this dude doesn’t look like a fish!

I repeat… NO ONE can pull this look off!!!   Do you hear me?!!

4 thoughts on “This madness must end!

  1. Oh, I don’t know. Mr. T in his day looked pretty radical, and who didn’t like Mr. T? I am now resisting the urge to shout his signature phrase.

    Listening: Always Coming Back To You by Scott Walker

    • hahaha…. okay, I’ll say it for you… “I PITY THE FOOL”!! lol. Yeah, I liked Mr. T, but the mohawk… it just didn’t work for me– even on Mr. T.

      Listening: Hey… I’m still listening to your girl right now! I mean, she was sexy, tore up that bass and made it all uniquely CLASSY!

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