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6 thoughts on “This is so bad…

  1. This always happens when one wears white pants! She lost major hot points for that! Poor thing!

    All my embarrassing moments I have blocked out of my memory, so this doesn’t apply to me.

    Listening: Slash Your Tires by Luna (contrary to the title the tune itself is quirky)

    • “This always happens when one wears white pants!”…. wait a minute, I love wearing white in the summer and I don’t accidentally shit on myself! HAHAHA!!! But yeah, she’s sexy no more, that’s for sure! And I was trippin’ when she put her HAND BACK THERE , ran towards and opened the door to the building. That handle now has her shit on it!!! LOL!!! And scary cat! Here’s one of my embarrassing moments…

      I peed in the car of a guy while on a first date! HAHAHAHA LOL!!! The drive home was longer than I could hold it and by the time we got to a place where I could pee, I just couldn’t move! He was a good sport and we dated for 10 months until he was transferred to another city. All I can say is I got lucky with him because he could have been a real asshole about it. Thank goodness I drink plenty of water and cranberry juice (NOT cranberry juice cocktail) cuz it didn’t smell like pee! Yep, your pee can come out just like water– no color or smells.

      But shitting on yourself… WOW! Her colon ain’t right– the average person CAN TELL when they need to take a shit (for goodness sakes). And this wasn’t actually LIVE TV, this was a taped interview so I’m thinking, why didn’t she just speak up, take a bathroom break and then roll tape? That’s some dedication that I will NEVER relate to. That poor shitty fool! LOL!!!!

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