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A bit of comedy that demonstrates a CORE of racism…

Okay… hold on tight!  I’m not certain how this post will land, but I’m taking the leap anyway!

This comedians’ name is Redd Foxx.  You know, the “dad” from the show “Sanford & Son”.  Maybe or maybe not (lots of folks are familiar).  If you never knew he was a stand up comedian first, here’s a reminder.

Before Redd Foxx actually had a TV show, he was “building bridges” (bridging gaps between races and shining a light discrimination) as a comic.  Here’s a quick sample of his ability to slide some knowledge into a routine about how terribly shallow and absurd racism truly is, in his tamed (yet bold) way…

Now… if you laughed at that (which IS fair considering some may never have heard of him), it simply means there’s lots more work that needs to be done.  Think about it for a moment…


9 thoughts on “A bit of comedy that demonstrates a CORE of racism…

  1. That was a classic Redd Foxx joke! He also played blue in the clubs, you know. Say, do you remember when they used to put out the comedy albums?

    Listening: The Book of Love by Magnetic Fields. ( a really sweet song)

    • “do you remember when they used to put out the comedy albums”… yep, I sure do! Ol’ Redd was something else too. I still remember his joke “Zackly” LOL!!! I see you went with your cat for the new avi. Cool looking cat, man!

      Listening: I just listen to Book of Love (a wee bit too slow for me)

      • Yes, Jazz, I want you to meet Shaka, he’s the Prince of Clumsy Cool.

        I remember the Cheech and Chong albumsl. For some reason, I got pot humor decades before I even tried it.

        I’m taking a momentary pause from music. This rare moment will last only a few minutes more.

      • Cute… Prince of Clumsy Cool. That’s a first, a clumsy cat! 🙂 “For some reason, I got pot humor decades before I even tried it.” I know! Me too! And what’s up with the break from music?

  2. I remember being a child in Milwaukee and my aunt and her boyfriend would watch Redd Foxx, without us having the privilege. Once I return I will be able to add more.

  3. The truth is that I was on my way out, but I was so touched that you complimented my cat that I had to comment! Thanks! It’s the first time I’ve taken a pet in decades! It’s nice to have a clown around the house, picks up my slack.

    Listening: So Said Kay by The Field Mice (Too mellow for your wild tastes, Jazz, lol!)

    • Oooh… you were just pausing. I gotcha’. And of course I’d notice Shaka. Animals are fun to have around.

      Listening: So Said Kay (yep… a little to mellow for my mood again) 😉

  4. Oh, Mr. Foxx was no joke when it came to his comedy. He is/was truly underrated, IMO. He’s one of those cats who I would love to hear his take on the state of the world today.

    Great post!!

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