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How much do you really know? A “Presidential” query…

Okay… I didn’t know exactly how to caption this post so that title was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Last weekend, a bunch of us sat around engaging in “normal chat”.  At one point, one of the men starting talking about a video he received a few weeks back that showed some guy at a deli in Texas, blasting Bush Sr. (yes, former President Bush, Sr.).  “Dude in the deli” accused our former President of war crimes among other things.  Considering this person’s serious “charges”, the scene was pretty subdued.  A few days after that, he said he receive another email on the subject– an update on the guy who yelled at Bush, Sr.  Secret Service contacted this guy to make sure he wasn’t a threat.  The person who was sharing this with us was surprised to find out that Bush, Sr. was afforded continued security through the CIA, FBI or Secret Services… via our tax dollars.  While on the other end of the sofa– I’m like, what?!  So I started posing a few questions to try to gauge what people may or may not know about the “Presidential Perks” after office.  A few examples, postal privileges, security protection, C.O.L.A. or Cost of Living Adjustments and of course, a pension.  I personally don’t agree with the security protection (or C.O.L.A.).  I think they can afford to pay for their own security after a certain amount of time passes.  10 years or a lifetime (as some former Presidents now have) is too long for (tax funded) security.  Past Presidents can easily segway into public speaking (and they will earn a substantial income), or become a spokesperson, i.g.; Clinton/Bush Haiti Relief Fund (you do realize they are getting paid to lend their names instead of unifying for a worthy cause)?

The discussion that ensued that night went on for a few more hours after it was revved up (needless to say).  It was informative and interesting.  One thing stood out– the amount of people at this gathering represented a high ratio that didn’t know what a “retired” President receives.  That alone was pretty uhm… amazing.  I truly hope that statement doesn’t come across as pompous… there was a nice blend of cross cultures and economic status.  What I liked most about this group is EVERYONE was willing to have a DIALOGUE on the subject.  I noticed this too– they were the most “blue berrying” (what ever tha’ hell that shit is called) group of folks I’d seen.  At one point, it actually looked like a room full of addicts while they were responding to their texts (shit… or whatever tha hell the blue berry thingy does).  Can you tell I could give a shit about that kind of crap?!  LOL!

So… how much do you know about what our “retired” Presidents receive?  If you care to take a “refresher course”, peep the PDF from 2008 here.  I’m sort of interested in what WE continue to pay our “retired” Presidents through our tax dollars.  Hey… I’m kinda’ kooky like that.  One final note, you might find it interesting that the pension rate increased in 2001– that’s in the PDF.

Shit… I almost forgot… Happy President’s Day!!!! LOL!

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