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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ) The Five Stairsteps: Oooh Child

Continuing with our celebration of Black History Month, this is one of my all time favorite songs!  Not only were there many positive or uplifting songs made back then, but we were also far more united (as a race of people) than we are today.  I look forward to a time that we’ll revisit that spirited hope again.  Dare I say, “Black is where it’s at”!  The added bonus… it’s a clip from “Soul Train” too.  I hope everyone will enjoy this weeks’ Mid-Week Jam, fellow people.  We were are truly originators and trendsetting.

“Gangster rap”, “booty shaking R&B” music and other related themes in music is “played out” (LAME)!!  We offer much more than that, folks!  This song charted #8 in 1970 (by the Burke family). And this was at a time when this country was going through it’s severe racial divides that continues this very day.  “Forgetting our past means loosing our future”– can anyone tell me who made THAT quote “famous”?

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ) The Five Stairsteps: Oooh Child

  1. I once saw this song being used in a movie about a teenager living in white suburbia somewhere in Arizona. At the end of the movie he was getting arrested for some reason, and this song was playing. I found it funny and ballsy that they were doing that.

    • Ballsy for sure! Not the type of scene (based on your description) for that song.

      This song has such good memories for me! And I’ve won many a bet on this song because people remembered it, but don’t know who sang it. They always forgot it was a family with a sister in the group. Shoot, now I have to listen to it… (smiles)

  2. Oh, don’t get me wrong, this song definitely has memories for me, I liked it as a kid, but due to sibling rivalry, I never admitted it to my sisters.

    Dig my new avi! That’s what that handsome young man has turned into, lol! What can I say? It was New Year’s Day at the beach.

    • I’ve never met one person who didn’t like that song. I’ve got to pop over to OHN to take a look at the avi… still haven’t figured out how to enlarge them on my end. And what an interesting way to spend New Year’s Day… at the beach. Sort of a “foreign” concept for me because I live in a cold climate.

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