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Pet owner killed by dogs after saving them from death

This is really a post for the dog lovers out there.  Was the owner in denial about his dogs?  Would you take a chance on getting the dogs back when they could potentially lash out at you??  A big dog who becomes aggressive is very different from a toy dog.  And a Mastiff (pictured below) is a BIIIGGG dog.

LJUBLJANA (Reuters) – A Slovenian who saved his three dogs from being put down for attacking humans was himself mauled to death by them, police said Wednesday.  “Three dogs bit their 52-year-old owner to death in Ljubljana yesterday,” police spokeswoman Maja Adlesic said.  Four years ago, the three Bull Mastiffs attacked and seriously injured a passer-by outside their owner’s house.  They spent years in custody pending legal hearings, but when one of them attacked a dog handler, authorities ordered them to be put down.  Their owner, a doctor, succeeded last June in his legal appeals to get the dogs back, sparking a national controversy. After his death, an opposition party said the agriculture minister should resign for failing to stop the dogs from being released.  The dogs attacked the man in his garden Tuesday, killing him before the police arrived.  All three dogs were put down following the attack.

2 thoughts on “Pet owner killed by dogs after saving them from death

  1. Most of the time when dogs are so aggressive it’s because the owner is a S.O.B. (pun intended). It only a matter of time that dogs will realize how fragile we humans really are and will tear that asshole a new, er, um, asshole.

    Black Metal Valentine by Califone (I just didn’t want you to think that it’s just a European thing for me, lol)

    • Hi there! I think I may have overlooked some emphasis that the dogs were removed for (best I can assess) a few years. There didn’t seem to be any highlights to the owner being a S.O.B. Believe it when I say, I’ve seen some owners intentionally or unintentionally be S.O.B.’s towards their dogs. So I guess the question becomes, if your dogs have been accused of biting a citizen, a dog handler and are finally returned to the owner, should those same dogs be considered a threat to the owner?

      Listening: Dorothy Parker by Prince (one thing led to another with music today) 🙂

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