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An anonymous reader would like to say…

I received an email 7 days ago and was trying to assess the reader.

Correspondences went back and forth.  I came to the conclusion; what’s the harm in posting this? Additionally, I like the underlying sarcasm this “open letter” displays.  After many dialogues [emails] back and forth, I found this person to be quite the opposite of the old expression “a tomato short of a salad”.  To the contrary.  Our personal emails forced me to reach for the dictionary often  (which I thoroughly enjoyed)!  So take this post for what it’s worth, by one of our readers.  I personally liked it quite a bit.  Thanks “Anonymous” for thinking of Why O’ Why and quietly visiting the blog so often.

Without further delay, below is that persons’ “Open Letter” to anyone who gives a damn.


An “Open Letter” to anyone who gives a damn:

I have developed a love-hate relationship for the human race aka humankind.  I say that with great trepidation.  This revelation has turned my world upside down over the past several years.  Make no mistake with that statement because it is not an easy thing for me to say or accept.  At the age of 61 (as of late 2009), I’ve concluded that I should say what I’ve always wanted to say to “humankind” aka the human race.

We are taught to hold on to ‘the existence’ of “The American Dream”.  Taking a glance at what that entails caused me to wonder over the course of my life, is that all there is?  We get married, we have children, we work, we get a home, have grandchildren, we travel, we buy gadgets, clothes, cars and then what?  We die.  So is that the American Dream?  What is the American Dream?  I guess we’ll never really know because most of the human race has become a cesspool of humans who rape, kill, rob, lie, abuse, covet another person’s wife (and vice versa).  We sacrifice countless time and energies to hating one another because of the color of our skin, or religion or economic status.  Please don’t misunderstand this either.  Our prejudices aren’t limited to those levels of hate and self-imposed discrimination; we will hate each other because we’re too short, too tall, too fat, or too skinny.  We hate each other because of our hair, whether long, short, curly or straight.  You see, we hold our hatred of one another to a very high standard, in that we commit ourselves with undying rest, to hating any person for ANYTHING!

Please, pat yourselves on the back because the human race deserves a huge KUDOS for their commitment to neglecting one simple thing… figuring out how to love one another in this life.  Instead we’ve traveled the opposite path of our true “intentions” while at the same time being inundated with film, TV, video games, texting, professional sports and social networks (and those are but a few among our many distractions) that we continue to embrace.  Equally though, we hate because it falls into this category of “a right”.  I must reverse for a brief moment– “Social Networking” fascinates me.  It fascinates me because our “protective walls” can sometimes come down and actual “human contact” is made in the cyberworld.  But in public, where human interaction is real, we hardly notice one another which now seems to be the norm (isn’t that ironic?)  We’ve become a self-absorbed, mean-spirited and idolizing race of people.  And it seems that our only “collective” motivation appears to be at least two things; consumerism and hatred.

I’m writing this open letter for one reason… a report was put out years ago (maybe about 18-20 years ago) that said humans are only using 1% of their brains.  I personally wanted to understand this a little more and what I discovered was that this “American Dream” is only 1% of what humankind is experiencing.  Another way to put it; we are missing out on 99% of what the human experience could be like for each human who walks the face of THIS earth.  So please, keep the cesspool “swirling” with its two main components; hatred and consumerism.  After all, humankind has perfected these two main areas of focus [with a dash of vanity and 6 pinches of greed] for 1,000’s of years.

I realize that by reading this I’ve stolen a few minutes from your hectic lives, therefore allow me to offer a meager amount of restitution.  For the “ladies”, there’s a sale going on at Macy’s this Wednesday.  For the “gentlemen”, Basketball season is just around the corner.

2 thoughts on “An anonymous reader would like to say…

    • On behalf of “anonymous”, thank you! Was just granted permission to reply by the person who wrote that “Open Letter”. I’m glad you liked it because I liked it too! 🙂

      Rough around the edges, but earnest.

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