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Fire Departments Charging Victims to Put Out House Fires

February 2010– Unable to get by on tax revenues alone, fire departments across the country have turned to charging people who need their help.  ABC News reported one instance in which a woman who lost her home to fire suffered the added misery of getting billed $28,000 from local firefighters.  The cost included manpower hours, use of trucks and drinking water consumed by firefighters.

Municipalities are allowing fire departments to charge a so-called “crash tax” or “accident tax” to close budget deficits, figuring insurance companies will pay the bills. But insurers often refuse, leaving homeowners with the bill. In addition, the fire departments often outsource the collection process to agencies which then overcharge for their services.  Some states have outlawed such fees, including Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  SOURCE: Allgov.com

This is awful!!  How many of you knew THIS was happening?  This doesn’t seem right at all to me.  And that poor woman, loosing everything she owns and on top of that, she’s hit with a $28,000 bill!  This is truly sad.

3 thoughts on “Fire Departments Charging Victims to Put Out House Fires

  1. I think that a firefighter’s job is a praiseworthy one, but if this becomes common practice they no longer have the right to be called heroes.

    Listening: Black Hole by Kelley Polar.

    Hey, Jazz, I hope you had a good weekend.

    • Well said. It’s “crazy” that they are able to do this at all. Near as I can tell, Americans pay their taxes so where’s shortage coming from?

      My weekend was cool! Hope you had a blast too!!

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