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Richard IS a “nice enough” name…

I’ve always liked the name Richard.  It’s strong [authoritative], masculine and cool.  I see no need for improvement or “spins” on that particular name.  But I’ve never understood the need to use the formal nickname for Richard, which is Dick.  I mean really, who wants to be called Dick?!  (Especially after our last Vice President, who chose that nickname intentionally–  Dick [Cheney] did give ‘dick’ a bad name, in my opinion.  So here’s my point…

I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, and let’s just say… seeing is believing on this one!  I won’t ruin the “chuckle”  for you, so click the link to see his skit:

Another example for choosing this “poor choice of a nickname” is Richard M. Nixon a.k.a., “Tricky Dick” (lampoon sketched image above).  Here’s a personal anecdote.  True story… I worked with a woman years ago who gynecologists was named Richard Hands!  You guessed it… this guy actually preferred to be called Dick, so that made him Dr. Dick Hands! What woman in their right mind would utilize a gynecologists named Dick Hands?!  LOL!  Some things should simple never occur, is all I’m saying…

6 thoughts on “Richard IS a “nice enough” name…

  1. Okay… this IS funny or chuckle worthy! LOL I like the name Richard as well. That was my first boyfriend’s name back in college too. I forgot that Dick was the nickname for Richard. Very funny, you guys! hahahahaha

    Jon Stewart was too silly for his skit, though! I haven’t seen this show, but I’ll be watching for it now. I agree, Obama should have at least shuttered or made a classy pun at this guy. But then again, that’s a slippery slope. LOL! Dick Swett– is he for real? Oh, yes, I forgot, he is plus he was in Congress too!

    Cute and clever post! Keep it up! (I admit that I was trying figuring out the cartoon image of Richard Nixon at first glance). Well done!

    • Hi C! Made a few adjustments a short bit ago. Hopefully this post will flow slightly better now. But yeah, I thought Jon Stewarts’ bit was somewhat juvenile, but still funny.The “Skittles” part was a bit over the top, but I got it (because I really don’t have a sweet tooth). And that guys’ name alone, sort of takes you down the road of silly humor! I do have to give the routine a thumbs up! Seriously, with a name like that in the clip, how could anyone resist?! hahaha.

      At least it’s good to know that the name Richard is pretty cool to someone else out there without any “tweaking”. Now… how cool is that we highlighted a name that was your boyfriend back in college?! Cool in my book. And thanks for the “kudos” too. Couldn’t resist posting this, because I was curious how this might come across to others. Their routine was worth a chuckle at best, to me! LOL! Richard “Dick” Swett LOL is all I can say. I asked myself, is he a true “blue blood”, or does he not understand how his traditional nickname comes across to others? Hey– I found the skit humorous, is all. Still chuckle at the thought of it too!!!

  2. Searching for something else, but ran across this and read it. Clicked the link and it was funnier than I expected! I’m immature and dam proud of it! LOL The name Dick Swett is CRAZY to me, but still funny!!!!

    I never knew that Dick was the nickname for Richard. I know about 5 Richards so I’ll see if they knew this too. Thanks for the laugh! Richard and Dick have a whole new meaning from here on LOL, LOL again!

  3. LOL! How did I miss this? I’ll never view the name Richard (AKA Dick) the same again!!! The guys name is Dick Swett!!!! hahahahahahaha. Hilarious!! Jon Stewart is “the man” in my personal opinion. Cute post. Thanks for the reminder to watch his show again. I must remember this site too.

    • I’m so glad somebody else took a look at this! LOL! People are missing out on the one show worth watching these days! I can’t believe how many people stop by this site but won’t get in on the Dick Swett! hahahaha.

      And I love the screen name 😉

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