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Mid-Week Jam (MWJ) Jaheim: Fabulous

Here’s one sample of our tribute to “Black History Month”.  More to come.  In the meantime, enjoy this weeks’ “Mid-Week Jam” (MWJ).  Hey… the hopeful and optimistic part of me simply would love to see us all (races and religions) come together in harmony, enjoying our beautiful children and reach our highest potential for the future!

Let us all keep our positive spirits in tact and pay honor to the ones that paved a road before us.  Some would like to forget, but our ancestors sacrificed enormously for all us along the way!!

Updated on 2/09/10– seems our original choice of music was deleted. It was received that this posting was “adjusted”.  We hope it will be restored but in the meantime, check this alternative out instead!  Same song, same message.  Enjoy!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Mid-Week Jam (MWJ) Jaheim: Fabulous

  1. Man, my old neighborhood in the South Bronx NEVER looked like that! Was that Sesame Street? True story, as a kid, I always wondered what subway train I needed to take in order to get to Sesame Street.
    I found myself very much liking this song. Hmmmm, I notice that I seem to have a blind spot for recent soul songs, am I wrong for this?

    Listening: No Way Down by Air France. DJM, I want to get make a mix CD for my buddy who’s going back to France, lol!

    • “as a kid, I always wondered what subway train I needed to take in order to get to Sesame Street” AAAWEEEE!!! Too freakin’ cute, man! And no, not wrong at all for the recent soul songs. No way, no how! 😉

      P.S. is this new pic you? I liked the kid shots you had… I can hardly see you in this shot, man.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that you don’t like me as a teen, lol! I was 15 there.
    Jazz, since we’re more or less the same age, didn’t you ever wonder about the location of Sesame Street when you were a kid?

    Listening: Refrain by Sunday Munich. Downtempo tune

    • Hey, man… don’t misunderstand… the avi is simply too small (or too far away) to make heads of tail out of it is all. I could just see the cute little boy shot of you much better.

      And actually, I was more into Electric Company and School House Rock as a kid. I was sort of an old soul back then hahaha. I really only entertained Sesame Street when baby-sitting. I thought Big Bird was kinda creepy too. Hey, what did I know, right? (smiles)

  3. Then check it out at OHN. I’m not gonna lie, in retrospect, I was quite the side of beef! LOL!

    Why couldn’t it have been all three programs? I soaked them up like a sponge!
    Oscar was my boy, he was a real NYer!

    Listening: Hazel by Junior Boys (electronic)

    • I JUST popped over to OHN! Yeah… you had the side beef thing working 4real! (BIG smiles)! I guess I need to figure out how to enlarge the images here too.

      I did like Oscar (the grouch), right?! NYer indeed!

      Listening: well… some choices for our MWJ for next Wednesday, gotta’ reserve the disclosure for now (smiles)

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