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Cops: TSA Worker Wanted ‘Sex Slave’

(Yet another reason for opposing full body scanners at our airports!)

ORLANDO, Fla. — A federal Transportation Security Administration employee has been arrested in connection with the molestation of a girl, Orange County sheriff’s deputies said. The man told investigators he planned to make her his “sex slave,” according to the arrest report uncovered by Local 6.According to jail records, Charles Henry Bennett, 57, works as a TSA employee at Orlando International Airport, and was booked into the Orange County Jail early Friday morning after a 15-year-old girl came forward claiming Bennett touched her inappropriately when she was 12, deputies said.  A TSA spokesperson reached late Saturday night said it would not be possible for her reveal whether Bennett’s employment status with the agency was impacted by his arrest until Monday at the earliest.  It’s unclear exactly where the alleged abuse took place and how Bennett and the girl met, because the arrest report detailing the abuse is heavily redacted.  The report reveals, however, that the “protective investigation” that led to Bennett’s Friday arrest, was initiated after Florida’s Department of Children and Families was notified of the girl coming forward by her “house parents.”

In the police report, Bennett acknowledges that he “groped” the girl, although the girl’s version is more graphic. A DCF spokesperson reached late Saturday night said she would research the case to see what details she could legally provide by Sunday morning.Bennett’s family declined comment to a Local 6 photographer who knocked on his Winter Garden door Saturday.  Bennett’s apparent MySpace page says Bennett wants to meet “submissive females” and is a swinger who is a master of BDSM, which stands for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism.  Investigators wrote that Bennett was also very forward in his statement to them.“He advised, in a written statement, he actually asked her to be his sex slave,” the report stated.Bennett is currently being held on no bond in the Orange County jail.  SOURCE: Clickorlando.com

Absolutely disgusting!  I sure hope this girl isn’t “crying wolf”, but if she’s telling the truth he should get what’s coming to him.  I think his employment with TSA should be terminated immediately because he did admit to groping a child and confessed that he wanted her as a SEX SLAVE!  Makes me question TSA more and more…

7 thoughts on “Cops: TSA Worker Wanted ‘Sex Slave’

  1. Agreed! Fire this guy and many like him, only because of his admission to being a sick pervert! I’ve been “questioning” TSA’s “authority” for the last 6 years. My job requires I fly often. I have not been satisfied with them for a long time.


  2. I absolutely hate airports! If I didn’t have such a strong ego, being in airports would be a dehumanizing experience for me. Oh, and those scanners? Pure cowardice!

    Listening: Throw Away Your Gun by Prince Far I

    • It has become quite dehumanizing! And lucky us, we get to pay for this treatment. One way for sure to combat this is for everyone not to fly, but of course that will never happen. But it sure would bring the airlines to their knees!

      It’s funny, I use to love to fly– this whole thing is disturbing my groove in a big way!

      Listening: 7 Years of Good Luck by Joe Sample

  3. Shoot, I’m gonna make it a point to listen to some Joe Sample. He also played for Steely Dan, you know?
    You have no idea how fantastic that would be, have the airlines on their knees! But it’s also the peoples’ fault for appeasing the terrorists and allowing their privacy to be violated.

    Listening: Save Yourself by 8 mm. Mellow stuff.

    • “it’s also the peoples’ fault for appeasing the terrorists and allowing their privacy to be violated”– TRUE O so true! It’s funny, people know the expression “power in numbers”, but they never put it to use. 3 short days of no one flying would be all it takes too!

      And I didn’t know that about Joe Sample! Good bit of trivia there!

      Listening: U Turn by Joe Sample featuring Take 6 Shoot… now I want to hear some Steely Dan! 😉

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