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The Valentine’s Day farce…

Not attempting to be a “scrooge”, but I happen to think that Valentine’s Day is such a waste!  Now… hear me out for a moment…

I don’t know, nor do I care to know, who started Valentine’s Day or where this “celebration” actually began.  I’m probably a handful of women out there who just “don’t get it”!  If you want to show your love to ME… it should be done when you feel it, not on some “made up” day where you’re being manipulated to spend unnecessarily.  You can show your love to me throughout the year.  As much as I love flowers (one in particular I REALLY LIKE), the price of these wonderful gifts of the earth seem to skyrocket on this particular day!

Guys– here’s a hint for you… pay close attention to your wife or girlfriends’ “likes” or those “awe” moments she has prior to Valentine’s Day.  Select one of those gifts or moments instead and don’t wait for this fake ass day to come around to show her how you feel.

Ladies… uhm… plain and simple… GET OVER IT!  There’s no cupid so snap out of it!  While I do adore special quality time, my man recognizing my love for him and surprises– I refuse to buy into Valentine’s Day.  Our money can certainly be spent on other more important things rather than over priced roses for one specific day.

Be creative (guys) this year.  And ladies, be receptive to something else that will last much longer than over priced flowers (roses).  Shit… GET OVER VALENTINE’S DAY AS A WHOLE!!  It’s an over priced JOKE at EVERY COUPLES’ EXPENSE!!

Here’s a little inspiration to get the guys to focus their “creative minds”, and the ladies to be receptive to a gift that actually comes from the heart.  I still think that these “displays of affection” should be done well BEFORE February 14th (more like when a person actually feels it).  So… maybe this song will get both men and women open to something a little bit more inventive from here on…

Now… don’t misunderstand… I LOVE flowers, but there are 364 days prior to February 14th to show your love!  A “half azz sorry” to all the florists out there for stomping on your biggest day of sales, but really– Valentine’s Day is such an overpriced joke to me.  I’m a woman and I truly think it’s a huge waste of money!  Shit… something else that has always tripped me out about this particular day– why is this day only about “the woman”?  I actually have heard some women say; “HE’D BETTER NOT FORGET ABOUT VALENTINE’S DAY”!  Like, with a real attitude or something.  WTF?   Do something nice for the one you love THROUGHOUT the year!  Forget February 14th ALTOGETHER is what I say!  Hey… if you just want to throw your money down the toilet this year… send it to me, DAMMIT! LOL! 😉

4 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day farce…

  1. Jazz, I’m in total agreement with you regarding that date. There seems to be a lot of pressure for us to bring it good on that particular date. But what if you’re already excellent?

    Listening: Je Suis Music by Cerrone and Armand Van Helden. My friend’s Frenchness seems to have rubbed off on me, lol/*sob*

    • Hey… if you’re doing excellent, than there’s no need to “buy” anything IMO. One I thing I really dig is a certain look my man will give me– like he genuinely appreciates me. That goes further than any gift he could buy.

      Listening: All things Chaka Khan right now… just in that mood again today! 😉

    • Well son of a gun! I swear, I had no clue you’d already tackled this subject! Maybe we WERE separated!! hahaha! Gotta’ peep your piece on this 4sho…

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