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Are they serious?! (Mature language contained within clip)

After receiving an email for this clip from my good buddy”T”, I just had to address this one.  Hollyweird has gone completely out of control.  There is absolutely nothing cute or even entertaining about this flick because one of the main characters seems to be a ten year old girl.  A girl with a foul mouth and a pension for killing!  I’ve asked myself, “who’s the target market” intended for this April (2010)?  I can’t imagine that the round table of the executives for the pitch [treatment] was in a clear state of mind either.  This is uncool on too many levels (and this is only the trailer for the film).  You’ll have to click this link because Lionsgate has embedded the clip.  Peep it here:


The many “activists against violence [groups]” that are out there, need to start getting organized now and ban this movie from being released.  This is pure unadulterated poison for our children, no doubt!    Now… most of you guys who visit Why O’ Why, should know by now that we (and me, “the Captain of this Ship”) are no saints, nor does our site try to project that.  BUT— we ALL feel that there is a limit that our children should be exposed to.  I don’t think anyone should be niave to the fact that films (video games and even magazines) DO have influence over our children.  A brief reminder of this fact: there was a film out years ago that showed some teens laying down in the middle of the street as cars passed– 6 teens attempted the same stunt from this film (that I’m aware of) and DIED!  Hell, I recently read that the film “Avatar” had such an influence over ITS’ audience that some have considered suicide or were left feeling extremely depressed after seeing that film!  If I’m not mistaken, someone created a website for this too!!!

Here’s a personal blast at Nicolas Cage (I’ve liked most of his films by the way), Lionsgate Production Company and their executives as well as the Motion Picture Industry.  You guys should really be ASHAMED of yourselves for making the decision to create (and approve) such a negative film targeted at CHILDREN and teens!  Hope you like it hot, cuz that’s what HELL will be like for you all!  Without seeing this film in it’s entirety– the trailer speaks volumes and it is simply WRONG!  Oh yes… just because the music in this trailer has “la la la la” in it, doesn’t distract me from its’ negativity one bit.  Finally, to all the parents out there… do you really want your children viewing this TOXIC crap?!  SMH

6 thoughts on “Are they serious?! (Mature language contained within clip)

  1. Jazz, this is one of the few times that I’m in total disagreement with you. The movie is supposed to be a satire of the role of violence in modern society, and how children are affected, or in the case of the movie, unaffected.
    Now regarding that incident all those years ago, I’m more than sure those teens would have killed themselves by some other means of stupidity. I don’t mean to seem cavalier about it, but I really can’t abide by stupidity and those kids were just stupid.

    Listening: Brazilian Rhyme by Mondo Grosso

    • Well, hi Wilfredo! FINALLY (and hopefully)– a debate! I LOVE A GOOD DEBATE! Hopefully parents alike, will join in too. 🙂

      I’ll start here; “supposed to be a satire of the role of violence in modern society”. How many 10 year olds or even teens truly understand satirical banter or how to discern the role of “violence in modern society”? Also, how many “adults” is this advertising campaign(s) targeted at? Clearly this film is not targeted/marketed to “adults” who have the ability to truly discern. To the contrary, this film is being marketed towards our children. Our kids ARE being affected/influenced by what they see, watch and play (videos). Shoot… kids were also being influenced by Superman back in the day– jumping from their roofs, either injuring or killing themselves. (I think you and I are about the same age too.)

      “Stupidity” does indeed run rampant (these days) amongst our youngsters, but… I happen to lean towards the very real possibility that the level of “stupidity” we now see today is due to a large influx of “training their thoughts” (via movies, advertising, music, magazines [both bulimia and anorexia are still a problem] and even video games) over the past, say… 15+ years. Sure, there are some kids out there who are “dumb as a bag of rocks”, but the majority have been trained (through all of the sources of entertainment mentioned above) to have no real sense of reality or even a moral conscious, let alone sensible safety. Are you saying you “total agree” that a ten year old who uses language like; “I’m just fucking with you” and “cunt”, or seeing images of a child sticking a gun in someones’ mouth and blowing their face off, is okay? (reference to the trailer for this film only).

      Listening: well… checking out some options for our Mid-Week Jams (MWJ) so can’t say right now 😉 although I still AM playing one of your recommends from weeks ago!

  2. This is actually based on a comic book. Cant think of the name of it right now (will ask my comic geek friend). I agree that this is overly violent though. Nice blog though. I will add you to my blogroll 🙂

    Listening: Skin – Sade
    (ohh and I get to tell you what I’m listineing to Rock On Jazz & Wil)

    • Hi there! Yes, I found out it’s based on a marvel comic book. Call me old fashioned but I just don’t think this is cool at all. Hell, as much profanity as I use, even I don’t use the word ‘c*nt’. And thanks for the compliment! O– yes… welcome to “our listening party”! Somehow, Wilfredo and I just starting sharing our musical tastes! Thanks for the add too… have done so in kind as well! I see you’re just starting to blog– can’t wait to find out what’s going through your mind, lady! 😉

      Listening: Naughty by Chaka Khan

  3. @HKS – The name of the comic book is Kick Ass, and it’s a limited series. I don’t think its author, Mark Millar, knows how it’s going to end. Oh, I didn’t mention that the series hasn’t ended yet? It truly is a mess!
    I love signing out with a song!

    @Jazz – It seems to me that the best way to protect the children is for a parent to take more responsibility with the upbringing of a child, and not have TV do the babysitting. And what in the world is going on with these unaware parents? Remember the case where a teenager committed suicide and the parents blamed Ozzy Obourne and Lita Ford? Never mind that the kid was listening to the same song over and over again, and that was his cry for help that went unheeded. No, it was Ozzy who pulled the trigger. smh

    Listening: Nattergalen by Bobby Hughes Combination. What can I say? I’m in a groove mood.

    • “a parent to take more responsibility with the upbringing of a child, and not have TV do the babysitting”… hear, hear!!! I happen to know a couple who never put their kids in front of a television… not even Sesame Street! That kid’s I.Q. is off the charts too. And no, he’s not a nerd, he’s just a well round young man who developed an nterest in learning at a very early age. He’s 21 now and set to graduate this Spring from college too!

      “Remember the case where a teenager committed suicide and the parents blamed Ozzy Obourne and Lita Ford? “, yes, I do! And that’s my point… this stuff is really toxic for people. If you’re not “depressed” prior to listening (or watching this stuff), I think it really can have a profound affect on a person. But the parents in that case really missed the warning signs for their child’s cry for help. I still can’t believe how our kids have become a bunch of couch potatoes instead of going outside to play like we did as children! As a matter of fact, my dad wouldn’t let us hang around the house too long before he’d say, “go out side and play”! hahaha!

      Listening: gonna’ check out your Bobby Hughes… I’m curious now…

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