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John Caudle, 14, Admits To Killing Parents To Get Out Of Chores

14 year-old John Caudle has confessed to Colorado police that he killed his mother and step-dad to get out of doing his household chores, reports KUSA in Denver. Caudle’s mother, Joanne Rinebarger, and her husband Tracy Rinebarger, were discovered dead in their home near Monte Vista, Colorado in October.  Caudle was arrested the next day 130 Miles north of Monte Vista while driving his parents’ pickup truck. However, district judge Martin Gonzales issued a gag order preventing any press from attending Caudle’s hearing.  According to the recently released arrest affidavit, Caudle admitted he killed his mother because he did not want to take out the trash. He then waited in a closet for his stepfather to come home and shot him several times.  Caudle is being charged as an adult. SOURCE: Huffington Post.com. Click here for the local news video: 14 year old kills parents over chores…

This is what happens when children don’t receive discipline early on and are given unnecessary access to materialism which eventually leads to excessive consumption and a sense of entitlement.  Not blaming his parents for such an extreme reaction by their child per se, but I can’t help but to recall the Menendez bothers...


Lack of discipline does lead to no sense of responsibility and a child will loose any sense of consequences and will never comprehend the concept of “delayed gratification”.  They will begin to shape in their minds that they can do whatever they want to without developing genuine tools to become productive, responsible adults. This kid didn’t want to take out the trash (probably the first time this was required of him would be my guess) and the little monster they created, snapped!

This reminds me of what my father use to say to us as kids– you guys aren’t rich, we (mom and dad) have the money, therefore you’ll  have chores to earn an allowance.  If you don’t do any chores, you won’t get money.  (We also received a modest amount each week which taught us the value of a dollar too.  If we wanted to make a large purchase (roller skates, for example) that meant we had to learn to save rather than SPEND our money each week.)  We’ll feed, cloth, support your emotional development and pay for your education (my dad said) but don’t ever think we OWE you more than that. None of us came out “damaged” by this either.  Not one parent out there can justify giving their child a cell phone, laptop or a TV in their bedrooms to me.  All of those unnecessary “gadgets” fall into the high school graduation gift category only (in my opinion).   I understand the “concept” that parents want to give their children more than they possibly might have had, but the over indulgences that most parents lend towards their children have created at least two generations of snotty ass brats!  And now days, those snotty ass brats can morph into stone cold killers!  “Spare the rod, spoil the child”

4 thoughts on “John Caudle, 14, Admits To Killing Parents To Get Out Of Chores

  1. Killing his parents because he didn’t want to throw out the garbage seems awfully shortsighted to me! Couldn’t he wait until he was ordered to clean out the garage, or something?

    Listening: Hugs and Kisses by A Sunny Day In Glasgow

    • Hi Sunny!

      Hopefully… the world is coming into a new transformation of an awareness. I want to be hopeful that people are waking up and realizing our current (and obvious) mistakes and there’s a major need to correct ourselves. Your screen name speaks volumes to me; “Sunnydelyte”!!! There’s still a ray of HOPE! 🙂

      I tried to remind everyone who reads this post that parents do have an obligation to be parents and not just friends to their kids. We CAN make that right (IMHO). Shiiit– it’s sort of like child birth… pains are ENORMOUS, but then… there is a new life (or new beginning)!

      Peace, lady!!!

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