DAMN SHAME / Dumb Shit We Don't Need

Dumb Sh*t We Don’t Need (Part 3)!!!

Honestly, I didn’t really think we’d be writing about more stupid stuff we don’t need!  WOW!!  This piece of crap is called; EZ Egg Cracker!  Is cracking an egg really that hard?!  LOL!  Priced at (you guessed it)… $19.95!  WOW, folks… for real… COME ON!!!!  A dozen eggs costs .99-$1.17 at the most but we’d be willing to pay $19.95 + the infamous shipping and handling cost of $6.95?  Really?

The company that created this piece of crap that is capitalizing off of people being so damn dumb, actually have an “expensive looking” website to include their commercial!  The ad I saw even boasted another item with purchase for free… “The Egg Scrambler”!  LOL!  You mean to tell me people don’t know how to use a fork or whisk to beat a damn egg either?!  SMH… but anyway… here’s their link if you don’t believe me: Egg Cracker for dummies And if anyone believes their lame azz testimonies that are clearly internally created, well… go ahead and the spend $26.90 (total) for this crap!

At this point, I’d be willing to bet that the next dumb product that I see to hit the scene (because apparently, more than a few people have a serious affection for CRAP) will be called; “The New and Improved Nose Picker”… $19.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling!  Their catch phrase; “We’ll pick your nose clean and you won’t have to lift a finger”!   Come on, folks… we have got to do so much better!

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