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Teen Violinist Says Police Beat Him And Tore Off Dreadlock

Never “judge a book by its’ cover”…

According to Newsone.com, this article in part reads:

“I feel that my son was racially profiled,” Terez Miles said. “It’s a rough neighborhood; it was after dark. … They assumed he was up to no good because he’s black. My son, he knows nothing about the streets at all. He’s had a very sheltered life, he’s very quiet, he doesn’t know police officers sit in cars and stalk people like that.”  A judge continued the case until Feb. 18 after the officers failed to appear at a hearing Thursday, Miles’ attorney, Kerrington Lewis, said. The police department is saying little as it investigates, and isn’t releasing the officers’ names.  Miles’ family describes him as a studious teenager who plays the viola for a jazz band and the orchestra at Pittsburgh’s prestigious Creative and Performing Arts High School.  SOURCE: Newsone.com Click here for the full skinny: Violinist Beating

I’ve actually become [quite] exhausted from the many unnecessary assaults upon young men of colour by our “officers” who are charged “to protect and serve“, rather than to beat, shoot or kill and THEN ask questions later.  His family is considering a lawsuit. I personally hope that they will move forward in that arena and will prevail!  I’m “officially afraid” of the the cops now. Let’s just see how these “officer’s” upper officials will try to spin this case.  Too many good young Black men are beaten or die at the hands of our “men in blue”– when will communities finally began to organize themselves and fight back against this unnecessary brutality? The “GOOD” should not die young anymore!

4 thoughts on “Teen Violinist Says Police Beat Him And Tore Off Dreadlock

  1. You know, it’s gotten to the point where folks, with good reason, no longer give the benefit of the doubt to these uniformed thugs, isn’t it time for an overhaul?

    Listening: Have I Told You Lately by Tony Bennett*

    *not Blonde Redhead.

    • I agree! And it’s long overdue for an overhaul. I can’t figure out why there isn’t something being done on a collective basis to address this problem. It’s not hard to see that there is a serious problem going on. One blog or website popping up left and right that do nothing be collect the many stories of the widespread abuse of authority by the men in blue. I hope they sue and win.

      Listening: (good choice with Tony Bennett)

  2. This is really sad. My ex-husband was a cop (a good cop but not so good at being a husband). haha. I hope they are suing too. It’s past time for an overhaul because my ex did speak out when he saw abuse but he was demoted and hardly got recognition for doing what is right in law enforcement. He switched professions in 2004. Law enforcement is a broken system.

    • I’m really sorry to hear that when your ex husband tried to do the right thing, he was “punished”. It’s a rare thing for an officer to break the unspoken oath of silence. I truly hope some group or organization will surface and take the bull by the horns on this issue. Broken to bone is what the police force has become. And that poor kid– I read another article and he’s also an honor student!!! What a real shame that he had to experience something like that. Turns out, they thought he had a weapon but it was a Mountain Dew. A freakin’ Mountain Dew!!!

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