(MWJ) Mid-Week Jam / Music

A “Mid-Week Jam” (MWJ)… long overdue! Do ENJOY!!! (Not Cool For Work)

While feeling (strongly) some rhythms and beats, we also feel that lyrics can be expressed WITHOUT the “N-Word”.  This particular song just happens to have a “cool-funky-ness” groove that I can’t ignore (along with some sentimental attachments because of where I was when I first heard this tune)!  Now… do note; there is NO VIDEO!  BUT… the song (from beginning to end) is in tact.  I truly hope (as “the Captain of this Ship) everyone will enjoy it as well.  This is NOT a “green-light” for the “N-word” (by “Why O’ Why” — we all loathe that word).   I was simply ‘feeling’ this song so much the other night (over the MLK holiday), so I only wanted to share it.  We all voted and thought, why not post this for others who may feel it the same way?!  So you guys can “dig it” right now…

Love and happiness cuz’ we can all “Get By” if we KNOW we can (without bringing the next person DOWN)… NO DOUBT!!


6 thoughts on “A “Mid-Week Jam” (MWJ)… long overdue! Do ENJOY!!! (Not Cool For Work)

    • Well now! Glad you liked it! Kinda’ surprised anyone took a listen because I had to explain the “consent” for the N-Word— we really don’t like that word here. We WILL give a pass with a few songs that contains it, but we really do not condone it. I say let’s substitute that word for “brutha”, tis all. Winks and smile!!!

      Hey… thanks for stopping by!

  1. Yeah, Brooklyn!
    I missed this!
    The subjects you cover are important, but all the more reason why we need music on your site, Jazz!
    Just think about it. That’s all I ask.

    Listening: Elephant Woman by Blonde Redhead

    P.S. Yes, that’s also me. I wanted to dress like Patrick McGoohan in Secret Agent. Mission accomplished. Plus, all that day I remember having the song Secret Agent Man in my head.

    • I can dig it man… I am about to switch things up too. I realize that so many are not ready for what I’ve found myself privy to (and researching). Things should be far more serious, but I’m realizing that the “heaviness” has to be in smaller dosages. Disappointed by this fact, but will adjust. Still maintain that time is of the essence but hey… O’ well. 😉

      And you just blew your cover! Patrick McGoohan? How cool is THAT?! (“Secret Agent Man” comes to mind– hahaha) You may have been viewing “Get Smart” in syndication (back in the day). Now I am sure we are about the same age! VERY COOL! I long for the days when young boys want to wear ties for their school pics! Looks like you accomplished that too, but either way, o’ so cute especially with your “back story”.

      Glad you liked the MWJ too. So many [selections of music] have been stored away but we ARE going to bring the jams back! 😉 Won’t say that I’ll allow us to be DONE with heavier material/info., but we are bringing back the jams! (Hey… at least they are grooves in our mind!) The committed staff has grown in their commitment too so we will see…

      Listening: checked out your recommendation… I’m sensing that you like the Euro sound? Cool choice but I’d say not for most (in the U.S.)

  2. Jazz, lol, I think you know I tend to be all over the place when I comes to music. As long as it sounds good, I’m there. Probably about the only music I won’t listen to at all are songs having to do with Hitler or neo-nazis. A line has to be drawn somewhere!

    Listening: I Don’t Want U by Blonde Redhead*

    *a coincidence since I picked the CD without looking at it. But I do enjoy them.

    P.S. Secret Agent Man was in my head all that picture day, it just made me walk cooler.

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