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When will people learn Part 2– The AIDS chick (AN IMPORTANT UPDATE)

Well now… looks this was all a huge hoax.  (It is our deepest apologies for this misleading information.)  But I will say this… I’ve known a few men and women who still don’t take AIDS seriously enough (which is why this was posted in the first place)I don’t agree with her tactics, but hopefully this will encourage people to continue to get tested and use condoms with their new “lovers” prior to sex!  AIDS IS NOTHING TO PLAY AROUND WITH, folks.  I DO apologize (“as the Captain of THIS ship) again to the readers here.  NOW–shame on you, Jackie Braxton for unnecessarily panicking so many. YOY (Why O’ Why)– did a little more digging around about your agenda, and  we discovered that you have a child!  Your child will forever be known by her mothers’ irresponsible “internet f*ck up”.  Again, shame on you for this foul “PSA” (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT).  Hopefully you WILL MATURE over time.  I hope that you will come to recognize that what you did, will not only affect you, but your child one day!  (A SPECIAL NOTE TO OUR READERS: this persons’ name is only disclosed because she was arrested and it made the local news in Detroit– her mother was also interviewed by local news as well during this wrath.)

(Thanks “T” for sending the clip in and the important update.  AND PLEASE… no need to apologize for the “snafu” either, man.  I’ll never apologize for encouraging people to THINK “outside the box”!   A special thanks to “SunnyC” too for the updated edit!)

In closing– GET TESTED OFTEN [folks] WITH (ESPECIALLY) NEW SEX PARTNERS AND WRAP IT UP, you guys!  (FYI, Lambskin nor spermicides contained within some condoms {N-9} don’t necessarily PROTECT AGAINST STD’s!!  (See some info. on N-9 condoms here: **NSFW** 1/3 of our condoms are unsafe!!! WTF?!!)  Unlike a “false flag” with our so called government– I CAN admit when I am WRONG  for the disclosing/sharing of information that was not “entirely vetted”.  AIDS is, in it’s perspective… a really very serious subject for us here.  We’ll not take chances on this subject EVER.  “It’s better to know, than NOT know”

Here’s an inside industry song to bring the message home:

Winks attcha’ again SunnyC for the link on this… was wondering if I’D EVER BE ABLE TO SHARE THIS THOUGHTFUL JAM ON SUCH A SERIOUS SUBJECT!!

3 thoughts on “When will people learn Part 2– The AIDS chick (AN IMPORTANT UPDATE)

  1. Great song with this article! What’s the artists name?

    I’m glad she wasn’t infecting others but if it’s true that she has a child, well this will be awful for her CHILD one day on her part. There are other ways to bring the issue of AIDS to the attention others.

    Please let me know the name of the artist for the song– I’m at a loss for words to further comment on her poor approach to bringing about awareness on AIDS.

    And to Wilfredo– she looked better with the scarf over her face. hahaha. I have to agree that she looks like, “a big bowl of CRAZY!!!” To each their own, but crazy is crazy in my book! APPROACH WITH CAUTION (hahaha)

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