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What if…? HIV and AIDS– what if there’s a terrible lie involved?!

*** A RE-POST ***

Hmm…  approximately 60+ hits (as of today), but NO ONE has taken the time to review the documentary?  Shoot… this must be re-posted.  If people can pay to view the film “Avatar” for over 2 hours, I’m hoping they can view this documentary for FREE too!  You guys owe it YOURSELVES to check out this important information…

How would you feel if you discovered something about this awful disease that was intentionally distorted?  I MUST “tip my hat” to “The Chocl8t Diaries” for sending this one in!!  (Her link is under our blogroll too)!   This documentary is jaw dropping.  It’s two hours in length but well worth the time.  So please, take a look:

2 thoughts on “What if…? HIV and AIDS– what if there’s a terrible lie involved?!

  1. I see no one has commented. I wonder if it’s because none have taken the time to watch the video? Sis, I believe that rabbit hole is a bit much for many…a hard pill to swallow, indeed.

    What can I say…complacency is comfortable.

    • “complacency is comfortable.” Agreed. There have actually been 50+ hits… am thinking of re-posting it. I refuse to believe that people could watch the “idiot box” (TV) for hours each week, twitter or play video games and not investigate more important issues.

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