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Superbowl Contest (some kick n’ giggles)…

Okay, I saw this clip on Ohellnawl a few days back and didn’t realize it was an actual contest for a Superbowl commercial.  I wanted to see the clip again and finally clicked the link they attached.  This is one of the 6 finalists, and I personally think this one is the most clever/creative or humorous…

Be sure to take a look at the other commercial finalists and cast your vote.  You can click this link to vote: CRASH THE SUPERBOWL … the contest ends January 31st and you CAN vote everyday.  You’ll have to register, but hey– throw in a fake name and email if you don’t want to give your personal one out.  Just be sure to vote every day.  I think you’ll agree, out of the 6 finalists, this one (“hands downs”) garners the most chuckles (and I’m not saying that because I love little kids)!  Thanks Ohellnawl for this find.  As always, their blog ROCKS!  To those that don’t know about them (OHN)… they are also under our Blogroll (to the right) here!  They offer “grown up chuckles” on a regular basis!  Winks “atcha” OHN!!! Thanks “SunnyC”  for the edit corrections.  😉 (What would I do with out cha’?)

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