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Martin Luther King, Jr.

I wasn’t really sure how to show my gratitude for this man’s efforts (fighting for “Liberty” and “Freedoms”), but I certainly could not let his birthday go by without acknowledging his enormous contributions.  All I can say is; THANK YOU, Dr. King, for all that you did and sacrificed.  There are some who will NEVER forget!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:  January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968


4 thoughts on “Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. Your site seems to be the only to remember MLK’s birthday TODAY. I understand that Haiti is a top story for most (I’m concerned too) but thank you for remembering Dr. King’s life on his day too.

    • Hi Jussme! Are you sure ours is the only site to acknowledge MLK’s birthday? WOW— if that’s the case! Hard for me to forget what he did for so many, plus MLK and I were born 5 days apart.

      I had many ideas on how to acknowledge his birthday– but I didn’t want it to seem shallow. I simply (as “the Captain of this ship”) wanted make sure his birthday will never be forgotten. I do fear (at times) that he died in vane.


  2. I first had an awaken on Dr. King at about 12 years old when a newscaster on TV questioned a Black man about Dr. King coming to Chicago. The man said, “He need to go back where he came from, it was piece here in Chicago before he came.” That was in 1965. Then in 1968 while as a paper boy on the south side. I looked up in the sky towards the north west, there was a orange light shinning in the black sky. I found out it was the riot from Dr. King killing traveling to the southside.
    As a child I never had a clear understand about this my call Dr. King. I just knew something was wrong about being Black. Until I associated myself with the Black Panther Party.
    For the past 7 years South Street Journal has printed a mock interview of Dr. King as he answers today issues. Sort of surprising that his remarks and quotes and words and views are still the concerns of today.
    In doing this interview of Dr. King we welcome you to please summit your present day concerns in a question to him and even your researched answers on how he would address the answer.
    The deadline for submital is January 7, 2012, the edition will hit the streets January 12, 2012.
    Reply by street journal, wall street chicago or email to

    • Hi there, Ron Carter!

      Is there a website you have that I can visit? I don’t do Facebook.

      And I have to be honest with you… when I look back on that time there were other heroes in my neighborhood that I looked up to. While Martin paid his contribution during that time he was not my “favorite”. Don’t get me wrong. I respect and honor the things that he did but I just don’t dig the fact that a man of the cloth (a world leader at that) was having church groupies (I tend to believe that recent quote by Jackie O’ about him too). I find it disturbing how our society can excuse that behavior in a “leader’s” personal life when the only way to cheat on a spouse is through, deception, lying, omission. If he could do that to the one he loved– why couldn’t he deceive the many who follow him? Power and authority can change the ungrounded soul (IMO). And that’s simply what I’ve learned to apply to all ‘leaders’. My favorite (one that many will recognize because there were many, many others who left impressions on me) was Malcolm X. Hands down. I’ve said it then and I’ll say it again; we’ve never seen a black man like him since. And he absolutely instilled pride in the black MAN back then, too!! That’s the kind of black MAN I miss seeing en mass today!!!! Not these children walking around with their asses out, abandoning their children, chasin’ hoes and all of the other lunacy they attribute to ‘manhood’.

      Your project sounds interesting but I’d love to see a Malcolm X project spawn one day. 😉


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