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When will people learn?

I guess the answer to that question is never!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… always, always, get tested with a new sex partner.  Forget that they say that they’ve been tested, show their last test results.  Get tested together before you have sex.  And unless you’re ready to be a parent, getting married– use a freaking condom!  People only talk about HIV/AIDS, but forget about the many other diseases that are out there.

18 thoughts on “When will people learn?

  1. Brrr… Damn, as much as I wanted to turn that shit off, I just couldn’t! All that narcissistic rage just had me enthralled! But in a sense that Cobra Commander sounding bitch has served her purpose as a cautionary teller of tales: wear condoms folks and insist that your partner wear one.

    Listening: Rat Trap by the Boomtown Rats

    • Her voice was a trip, wasn’t it?! I looked at some of the comments on youtube… people amaze me. The message is clear to me… use a condom, and get tested with a new sex partner. The days of “walking on the wild side” with a total stranger should be long gone. But hey… that’s just my “non-STD having ass”!!! The best dick I EVER had still is worth dying over!

      I remember this chick calling into a popular radio show (this was years ago– the late 80’s) who bragged about doing the say thing. Seems some men are just as indiscriminate today as they were back then.

    • So your solution would be what? There is a small population of people out there who won’t play Russian Roulette with their lives– I happen to be one of them.

  2. And another thing, how is a dude gonna give her $300 and still have sex in the back of his car? Couldn’t he just have paid her $200 and get a room a no-tell motel for 100 bucks? That’s just all around sleazy!

    Listening: Portofino by Teengirl Fantasy (meh)

    • “no-tell motels” are a lot cheaper than that, aren’t they?

      FYI– The guy who emailed this to me said that people have I.D.’d her and reported her to the police. Seems she hails from Detroit like the crazy mother that was pulling her daughter’s hair out. He also sent a couple of photos of her…

  3. At first I thought this had to be fake, but quickly realized that is beside the point. Very scary that people out there will intentionally infect people. I did a little looking around and this was profiled on some other sites too. Seems people ARE identifying her and reported this. I hope she is caught, tested and questioned. This is nothing to play around with “real or fake”.

    Thanks for posting this for your viewers.

    • Hi C! Don’t know how I missed your comment here!

      Turns out it was all a hoax. But like you (at the time) that WAS beside the point. I posted an update on this subject today as well.

      Honestly, she could have created a PSA with a disclaimer and could have been just as effective. What a terrible “false flag” on her part. SMH at the the entire fiasco! I still say; “better safe than sorry” when it comes to AIDS.

      Hope you’re have a great day– PEACE!!

  4. Man this is fucked up! Hope they are tracking this trick! I admit I do my thing but I get tested and have women I get with get tested too. I’m adventurous, but not stupid because I still use condoms! No baby mamas and no STD’s either. I fuck around but I don’t play around with MY LIFE.

    And she said 500 men? That’s a ridiculous number of sex partners even to someone like me!!!!!!!

    This a shock in to reality– thanks for the post.

    • Well, at least you’re getting tested and require the same of the women you get with. I say, if anyone is lucky enough to find someone they dig, they should stick with it. The grass is not always greener on the other side. What did she say in her creepy voice “it’s what’s on the inside”. Hey– glad it shocked you into reality Steven. It really isn’t something to play around with, you know.

      Take care and wrap it up, man!!

  5. o wow i remember back in 2008 running across some man (on you tube) in disguise calling himself trashman who was doing the same thing. he was in ny. authorities didnt arrest him for that, but he was the guy that had threaten to put AIDS in gerber baby foods (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13577_3-10004401-36.html)

    people need to be aware. thks for posting this.

    does this girls eyes remind anyone of jasmine guy from a different world? that’s what they remind me of. i hope they catch her an show her face too. good job for posting this. i’m bookmarking this sight.

    • Yeah, I heard about that guy too! It’s crazy that people will do this intentionally especially since it’s now illegal in most (if not all) states.

      “does this girls eyes remind anyone of jasmine guy from a different world?”, yeah, I can see a resemblance. Hey… thanks for the bookmark too!


  6. This is sad and scary. Why can’t people use condoms all the time even after testing? SMDH Hope the police find her even if this a scam or not it should be a wake up to us all.

    And yes, she does have Jasmine Guy eyes (@ standintuff). I thought the same too bro.

    • Hi Jussme! The police in Detroit did locate her. It was a hoax. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to all. We happen to take the threat of spreading AIDS very seriously, therefore, we (I) did ‘drop the ball’ on the due diligence this time. A first and last time that will happen (by the way).

      And I agree too– she sort of did have Jasmine Guys’ eyes…

      Peace and sex lovin’, man (at least I think you’re a man for some reason) 🙂

  7. Hi Wil– turns out this was a hoax! I just got an email (just posted an update) and did a little more digging… she was arrested and tested– she’s HIV negative. I guess at this point, the names she read were fictitious cuz’ if not, I can sense a serious ass-kickin’ waiting for her somewhere.

    I did let my guard down on “fact checking” this time, but in a way– it may be a good thing because hopefully people WILL continue to get tested AND use condoms (for goodness sakes)!

    I personally wasn’t that focused on it being a hoax at the time, but a reminder for people to practice safe sex and “not tossing caution to the wind” for temporary sexual satisfaction.

    P.S. Been meaning to ask– who’s the cute little boy in the pic? Still like your photos, but you know I have a soft spot for the lil’ munchkins? 🙂


  8. Haha! That boy is me at six years old. It was taken in NY, and my family had arrived from P.R. a few months prior.

    Now regarding the video, I’m glad that she’s not infected and that she hadn’t affected anyone. I’m sure that some AIDS support groups with have something to say about her behavior, but I think the video can serve to scare somebody abstinent, lol!

    Listening: Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder*
    *Been in the mood for it lately.

    • AWWEEE!!! How cute!!!! You know you’re tugging at my heartstrings with that pic man! Too cute!!!!
      “but I think the video can serve to scare somebody abstinent,”… hopefully it will AT LEAST scare some people straight! Like I mentioned before, I’ve known a few men and women who’ll still play Russian Roulette with this.

      Listening: All things Stevie today– I was in the mood for that yesterday, but was out voted.

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