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Totally not relevant… but was curious

Okay… I was just reminded by something I saw over the weekend.  I’m not a meat eater anymore, but I saw a few people do something that made me curious about which one people do.

Left over turkey from Thanksgiving makes great turkey sandwiches.  I admit, I was a true fan and the taste is unlike anything from a deli.  So here’s the question: when you make a sandwich, do you use a saucer (plate) or use a napkin?  I kinda’ think it’s a waste to use a plate (or ceramic) but what do you say?  To make it easy to respond, I’m utilizing the poll feature here (since I now know how)! (smile).

Again, this is a totally frivolous poll, but I just wanted to ask (and refresh myself on how to post polls– it’s a new discovery for me).  🙂

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