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The “Body Scanners”… (Food for Thought)

It might be wise for everyone, not to be so willing to allow these scanners to invade our airports (not to mention our bodies and privacy).  Right now, one way to address this is to refuse to submit to them and opt for a “pat down” instead.  I’m not convinced that they have been proven safe because this is still a form of radiation (Terahertz).  Aside from that, this mini-documentary (only 6 minutes long) poses some interesting questions and points to untold profits for those who stand to benefit most. You’ve got to peep this:

Do a little digging and you’ll find that the information contained within this clip is based on facts. And I hope people ARE paying attention to the fact that the main eye witness (Mr. Haskell) still has not been provided with any security surveillance of the “sharp dressed man” to properly identify the person who assisted the “bomber” on board the flight. I also find it interesting that this kid was on fire but never screamed or showed any signs of discomfort.  I’ve burn myself with a curling iron and I jumped or yelled ‘ouch’, immediately.  Last I checked, fire actually hurts a lot!!  (I don’t know any man alive who could burn their crotch or inner thighs without exhibiting some sort of pain.) Do you smell that?  Smells like bullshit to me!

5 thoughts on “The “Body Scanners”… (Food for Thought)

  1. Wow! This is almost frightening. Yes, I’ll be doing research on this because I “smell something too”.

    Side note: I see your numbers are rising but I can’t figure out why people don’t leave more comments here. Just know that I think you’re doing a great job at what you do YOY. So thanks for the posts and sharing valuable information.

    • Hi C (may I call you C at this point)?!!! I really have learned not to concern myself on the comments (or lack thereof). People read, they obviously like what is put forth here so that’s cool with us (me– as the “Captain of this Ship”). I worry not, nor should you! I do appreciate the kind words on the subject 4sho! 😉

      And I am glad to hear someone say they’ll research what we share. Shoot– I actually welcome being proven wrong on some of the “crazy” subjects we expose here– I find it exciting! Hell, I want to be wrong (more than anyone will ever know). The alternative, (which is to be “right”) is a very SCARY thing to me. And no worries– we WILL KEEP DOING OUR THING, poking fun at life, sharing a little music when we feel it along the way and “dealing with the heavy stuff head on”)! “That’s how we roll” at Why O’ Why (hahaha— anyone who knows me, knows how funny it is for me to use THAT expression– “how we roll”)! Take care & hope you stop by again soon.


  2. Absolutely– call me C, (if you like) YOY ! Good to know that few comments will not stop the flow here. You guys do a bang up job (the captain of YOUR ship)! I like that by the way.

    I like the mixed blend on subjects that you guys offer. Again thanks for doing you! Before I forget– I listened to a song (that you guys posted) and loved it. I think it was called “Never Stop”. I want to call the group “The Heavies”. Not completely sure, but I did find that song here and it reminded me of a time on the beach many moons ago at The Cape. smiling atcha’ guys for that pick! Good days. Currently living on the west coast so thanks for the memories.

    Peace and all of that,


  3. good points. it took a while for this to load, but i watched. it does raise questions. do you have a website for mr. haskell?

    not saying that well dressed person is the one in this video, but it does give a concept for a possiblity. i thought he meant indian as in a chief or something, but i forgot about india. hate to admit this but it does raise a flag.

    hopefully we we will all know more soon.

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