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What’s really going on? Hmmm….

“T” seems to always be on top of things for me so thanks again “T” for this one.  Okay, I’m truly one that believes the old adage; “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  But I must admit... I’m very confused by this union.  Not sure why this tape is out there, but the punchline comes at the very end…

Is she truly in love, desperate for a man or simply a gold digger?  Something about THIS choice is missing something, somewhere, somehow. Shoot, am I being shallow here cuz DAMN, I’m so confused by this!!!

6 thoughts on “What’s really going on? Hmmm….

  1. Hahahahaha! That was a joke, a cute one at that! I got suspicious as soon as I noticed how skillfully the camera was avoiding the naughty bits!

    Down By The Riverside by Burning Spear.

    • I know— (“naughty bits skillfully avoided”)! Not sure why this is out there, but she still could have made a better choice to film her. Dude looked like “a bad remix” of Kelsy Grammer (“Frasier, Cheers”) and she ends up being the butt of the joke. And if she is a gold digger, I hope she got paid well for faking the funk because THAT guy– he displayed absolutely no rhythm or even a hint of having some “bedroom skills”! LOL Just YUCK all around! A male friend once said, “when you see a beautiful chick with a looser– her “stock” goes down immediately”. I sure hope she’s ready to settle for a lot less these days CUZ– DAAAMMN!!!! He had FAIL written all over his face, body and moves!!! LOL (po’ thang)!!! hahahaha

      Listening: Najee (just in that mode right now) 🙂

    • I bet he did cuss you out for that! hahaha! I’m glad it didn’t show her doing the “nasty” with THAT guy! When he started doing his “moves”, I threw up a little (HAHAHA)!

  2. I don’t know, Jazz, I think Ms. Moore demonstrated a charmingly self-deprecating sense of humor in making this video. It’s a matter of fact, I think I’ll watch it again, just as soon as I’m done here! LOL
    Listening: Bad by The Tiger Lillies*

    *a very naughty song!

    • What a clever way to put it! (smiles).

      She’s amazingly beautiful to me. I can’t imagine that she would have any difficulty finding her compliment (unless she has a severe degree of low self-esteem).

      Listening: Forgotten Places by Alif Tree (AWE YEAH— right up my alley)!! Good ear!

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