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Our first official Poll at “Why O’ Why”! (FINALLY!)

Okay… I’ve been waiting for the “smoke to clear” a bit on this topic.  The “Xmas bomber”… there are so many red flags that pop up in my mind.  It seems most folks who are covering this are simply regurgitating what mainstream media is reporting instead of digging just a little deeper.  Here are just a few things that stand out to me:

1. He paid for a one way ticket with cash (mainstream media keeps repeating that it was over 2,000 bucks).  Now really… who actually walks around with that amount readily available on them?…

2. He didn’t have a passport.  Really?!  How can you pay for a ticket without any form of I.D., not to mention a passport when flying internationally?…

3. He had NO LUGGAGE– not even a carry-on…

4. That “sharp dressed man” that witnesses (one in particular has vehemently stuck to his guns) describes who helped “the bomber” board the flight without any credentials or further questions once approved by a “Supervisor”.  (Someone helped that man to board the flight)… “What was the statement that has been repeated over and over by the boarding “clerk”?  Oh yes, “you’ll have to speak to my Supervisor”…

5. The “bomber” wasn’t “wearing” an over-coat [jacket or sweater].  You can’t be in Amsterdam without one (this time of year). He’s flying from Amsterdam in the midst of Winter and his destination is to Detroit?  The outer-wear for this time of year should have been close by at the very least.  No way, no how could you be in Amsterdam and heading to Detroit without  some outer clothing because it’s just too damn cold in those two places.  Last I checked, it’s still Winter!…

6.  His name was on a no-fly list. Really?  Wow, just WOW!!!…

7. First, “official investigators” claimed that there was no one to assist him boarding this flight, they later retracted that statement…

8.  There was a second “detainment” of another man and his luggage.  There is inconsistent reporting of it this fact.  Passengers who were held (in a baggage claim room) for more than an hour stayed with their {carry on} luggage and a second man was taken into some sort of custody (passengers DID witness his removal).  A “K-9 sniffer” did sit by that 2nd person’s luggage too…

So yes… many things about this case so far, just aren’t “jiving” for me.  Now.. with all of those said/pointed out or WHATEVER, here’s our very first poll so please don’t by shy about clicking any option you feel:

2 thoughts on “Our first official Poll at “Why O’ Why”! (FINALLY!)

  1. Really… thank you for voting. It is our first poll so I do appreciate it. I will be keeping a watchful eye on the developments. Please, tell your friends to vote as well.

    Much peace to you and yours C Dobson!– I’m glad you continue to stop by!

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