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First… I want to make this clear… I find this program: “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to be great at what they do which is political satire.  Hands down, they are at the top tier (in my book).  Had it not been for this show, I don’t think I would have ever known of this person that was interviewed on this program in December 2009. Nevertheless, I watched that night and found what this guest had to say to be very interesting.

His name is Andrew Ross Sorkin.  He points out in his book “Too Big to Fail…” how the bailout “loans” for the big banks (including Bank of America, and the likes) were given with 0% interest rates by the Feds.  But here’s what really caught my attention… the banks who received these “loans” are not loaning out any of those funds to the populace and ARE increasing your credit card interest rates.  (Can this really be true?!!!!  Sure it is as, more people are beginning to take to Youtube and fight back.)   So… in other words, the Federal Reserve is printing free money for the banks, but the banks in turn, are increasing your fees!  WTF?  Allow me to say that another way… WHAT THA’ FUKIN’ FUCK?!!!

I am reminded of one lady that I posted about who single-handedly fought back with her video on youtube (that did go VIRAL) which you can find here: Debtor’s Revolt: Woman Refuses To Pay Off Bank Of America Credit Card (VIDEO). She also followed up with this updated video too: Debtor’s Revolt: The Movement Marches On… , and then recently there was Ben Pavone (Ben Pavone, California Lawyer, Refuses To Pay Bank Of America Credit Card, Threatens To Sue).

Now… can someone please tell that I misunderstood what was presented by Mr. Sorkin on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?  Check out his painfully serious (and funny) interview: and do listen carefully to the approximate 5 minutes into the interview… they briefly mention those bailout “loans” at zero percent interest… [“they (big banks) are getting the money at 0% interest but are jacking up fees to 30% for the credit card holders” — Jon Stewart]

People… it really is time to stand up {wake up}, recognize what is happening (whether you believe it or not– do some research) and take action.  Banks getting bailout funds for zero interest, but we are having our accounts and loans being scrutinized with an increased interest rates is absolutely not right!  Sooooo…. what are “we” going to do about this?  No one has to really dig that deep anymore… most of this [crisis] criminal activity is in PLAIN VIEW these days…

Put down the Xbox, Wii, Twitter, Facebook, My Space etc. [if only for a week] and really get into what is happening right now.  I honestly have become somewhat pessimistic about what the masses will do.  No more “CAN DO”, but “WHAT WILL WE DO” should be our mantra!   Also, I saw an article on that there is a pretty significant movement that people are embracing called Move Your MoneyThe article begins by stating:

Dennis Santiago of Institutional Risk Analytics reports that in the first seven days of the joint IRA/Huffington Post/Roosevelt Institute Move Your Money campaign, about 340,000 people searched 16,631 zip codes to find community banks in their neighborhoods that are rated healthy by IRA. Well, maybe not 340,000 people—340,000 searches.  You can read the full article here: Move Your Moneyit’s an exciting movement!

Again, I’ve had my funds in a community bank for a very long time and I also utilize my credit union– I personally have never understood the popularity of the big banks.  Hopefully this post will get everyone to see, what I’ve known for years which is community and not big corporations is what actually keeps our economy afloat.

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