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Ben Pavone, California Lawyer, Refuses To Pay Bank Of America Credit Card, Threatens To Sue

Ben (pictured above) has balls that’s for sure!  Yet another who was being strong-armed by Bank of America is fighting back with real guts!!  As reported by Huffington Post, here is part of his plight:

Ben Pavone told Bank of America in a letter last week that he refuses to pay off his credit card debt until the bank lowers his interest rate. And, he added, if they try to ruin his credit, he’ll sue ’em.  (I love it!!). “They’ve got to have some kind of obligation to not totally extort the public,” said Pavone.  The San Diego, Calif. attorney is angry about two things: his interest rate, which has gone up to 27.99 percent, and his credit limit, which has gone down to just above his balance. “I’m sure I’m going to be hit with penalties,” he said.

Pavone said he got “squeezed for cash” and asked Bank of America to raise his credit limit in October. The bank responded with a two-page letter. The first page declined the request; the second told him his limit would be reduced from $32,100 to $30,400. Bank of America cited “economic trends” in both decisions.  “I consider your action an anticipatory repudiation of the contract and am treating you as in breach,” he wrote in a Dec. 31 letter to the bank. “I am therefore not paying the money that is currently due on January 3, 2010 out of protest.” Click here for the full story: Ben Pavone, California Lawyer, Refuses To Pay Bank Of America Credit Card, Threatens To Sue

First Ann Minch (see her stories here: Debtor’s Revolt: Woman Refuses To Pay Off Bank Of America Credit Card (VIDEO) and here: Debtor’s Revolt: The Movement Marches On… ), and now Ben Pavone (with his cute ass)!

It’s good to know that not everyone “is drinking from a tall glass of stupid”!  Sounds like Bank of America is finally gaining more attention for the “mafia like tactics” they assert on their customers.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, move your money to your community banks or credit unions.  Bring these big banks to their knees! Oh yeah, has anyone heard what happened to this former employee (Jackie Ramos) of Bank of America?  She was fired in November 2009 for what basically comes down to her having a moral conscience.  Her tenor with Bank of America (BoA) has to be the most tough and a fine example of what leadership or an independent thinker is truly about!  Also covered on Huffington Post, here’s a brief tidbit of what happened to her. (When you watch her video, it will surely make you shed some silent tears):  “Bank of America fired Jackie Ramos after she took a stand against the bank’s $15 “convenience” charges and $39 over-the-limit fees so she could sleep better at night.”  Click here for her full story too: Jackie Ramos, Bank Of America Employee, Fired After Helping Customers (VIDEO)

It’s really good to know that more people are taking a stand against a big corporate bully and are getting the recognition needed to bring what is being done in the dark, to light!  I’m telling ya’, folks, there is power in numbers! And to think… this all started with one woman (Ann Minch) saying “NO!!!  I’M NOT TAKING THIS SHIT ANYMORE”!!!

8 thoughts on “Ben Pavone, California Lawyer, Refuses To Pay Bank Of America Credit Card, Threatens To Sue

    • Well Hello Ann (“the Rebel with a Cause in the flesh”)!!! (BIG SMILES)!

      So glad you got the personal message I sent! Youtube does appear to be censoring my messages lately. Believe me when I say– I’ve got my eye focused closely on this plight for you and all, who dare to “tango” with BoA! Your really are “a Chief instead of an Indian”! May I please post a link to your blog/website (under the Blogroll here) for others to continue to monitor the efforts you are so boldly concurring? Really, I like your style and the fact that you are a great example of the expression: “If you don’t stand something, you’ll fall for anything”… okay.. I may be paraphrasing there but hope you get the gist! 🙂

      Thanks for the reply and leading the pathway (for others to follow) to stop those corporate bullies dead in their tracks! You really, really ROCK IN MY HUMBLE OPINION Ann (Rockerchic)!! Do you remember this song by Nick Gilder– “Hot Child in the City”? Nothing to do with what you are currently paving the way for, but for some reason, this is YOUR song (to me)! It is a compliment for sure! (I think we are about the same age too– rebelling with a cause)!

      Peace my friend! Take care and happy 2010!!!

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    • Thanks for the add/favorites/bookmark. Note that we do not like unsolicited businesses, though. I’ve allowed this as a one time only comment. If you (your company) is serious about our blog, that’s cool. We’d prefer real people with real opinions and voices for debates or dialogue. But thanks again for stopping by.

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  3. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out. This is good…thanks for sharing

    • Yes… have done so often. Check out our archives too. Lots of videos are parts of the postings here. I get the hint though ;), we’ll add more videos, more often.

      Aside from that, what is your “take” on Ben or Ann’s “move” to dump Bank of America (BofA)? Welcome to any discussions, Brian!

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