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A STUDENT shows what true leadership is about! (an update)

We have been making calls and doing further research into this matter, when I received a message via this student to many of us regarding the video and incident that was made public.  It appears that the legal battle has begun.  Here is the message that we received via “Robert” (through many sources either directly or indirectly (DISCLAIMER NOTE: THERE IS NO SINGULAR SOURCE FOR THIS UPDATE BUT IT IS CONFIRMED THAT THE MESSAGE IS FROM ROBERT).  The news is getting to (many of) us whomever the actual source is.  Robert’s message to all that want to support him, is this: “please remove this, I like the notion of reuploading the truth but I am in a harsh legal battle now and it benefits me and my case against the school to remove these videos, thanks you can upload my new version if you’d like but this needs to be gone.  thank you patriot.” (NOTE: No words in the aforementioned statement have been altered).

Now … for those who might be in denial about a “NWO” (New World Order agenda), the stifling of ones rights, the ramifications for making any said part of that agenda known… this poor kid is living proof that something (terrible) is amiss.  I will keep the original story in place on this blog, (you can find it here: A teenager shows what true leadership is about… peep this! ) but I will not interfere with the process that may be necessary for Robert Wanek to be successful in his very brave fight!  It’s amazing to me that one little teenager (kid) is doing such a brave thing, when most of the adults I’ve encountered over the course of my life, are only focused on Wii, rims, clothes, houses, cars, facebook, freakin’ twitter and the many other countless unnecessary bullshit that truly distracts us from more important issues that are currently “slapping us” in the face right now.  A message for Robert Wanek: should you ever come across THIS blog, I will offer my support by simply “STANDING DOWN” (at least for now).  I want you to know, that I will cautiously be monitoring any progress that surfaces in this battle.  Again young MAN— YOU DID AN AMAZING THING!   I am personally very proud that your are part of the HUMAN RACE!!!

Since the video will no longer be re-uploaded here at Why O’ Why (the video that was viewed by some), here’s a brief summary of what it exposed (for those who missed it).

Robert was distributing information on the H1N1 vaccinations that were taking place at his school in mid-December 2009– I believe it was December 16th that the incident occurred.  He was assaulted by his Science teacher (schoolmates who witnessed the assault, gave written consent for the video he created).  This Science teacher, who twisted his wrist, and forceably attempted to remove his recorder and the “memory disk” for the recorder from him. When the Science teacher was questioned, he lied (several students were outraged and spoke out in favor of the student (Robert) who was assaulted by him.   Additionally, the Principal of the school was verbally aggressive, called the local police and was prepared to have this kid removed from his school (for distributing vital material on Swine Flu Vaccines).  Along with that, a local public health official who was on the grounds that day, also involved herself when she attempted to block Robert from re-entering the location where the inoculations were taking place, refusing to allow him to distribute information about these vaccines.  He documented everything on his video recorder (which I’ve viewed many, MANY times prior this stage of his current notice (or plea) came to light).  Robert Wanuk was given 2 day suspension for “insubordination”– he did not resist, incite or provoke but instead was attack by his school officials for his right to exercise FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  The Principal took this matter to the highest level by contacting the local school Superintendent and this young man was suspended as a result.  There was also one other student who was given a 1 day suspension for not leaving the scene while Robert was being aggressively attacked by the Science teacher and others.  I guess they tried to eliminate another witness and for HIS “defiance”, he too was suspended for a day.

In closing, I would like everyone to consider something.  Maybe there are some who view the outspoken (but well within our rights) portion of the population, to have “exasperated” concerns about so called “conspiracies” or perhaps lacking of impartial points of view.  BUT… what if “we” are getting it right?!  I mean… really think about that for a moment– what if we are actually getting it right?!  There’s a 15 year old teen kid named Robert Wanuk who IS living proof that something IS DEFINITELY occurring.  After all, a legal battle is ensuing based on a kid dispersing information on H1N1 vaccines.  You know… the very vaccines that pharmaceutical companies have complete immunity from should they EVER cause harm (or death) to you or your loved ones?!  I want to make this clear too– have no problem with exposing his name because that is no secret.  The one portion that does make this a “legal” “concern” is something else entirely (which, obviously I will not expose).  “Food for thought”; if a 15 year old teenager can speak out about real issues, then we adults should certainly be willing to do the same!  Again, Robert Wanuk– way to go, BIG MAN!!!  Just know that some of us are actually praying for you too!  I personally have a strong feeling that you WILL PREVAIL!!!

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