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Have a safe New Year!!!

I was going to post a bunch of stuff today but decided against it.  Instead, here’s wishing everyone a happy and safe rocking New Year’s Eve!  Thanks for the cool (almost) year of blogging too because we’re still beginners here!  Below is a little something to make you smile and a tribute to “Baby New Year”…

Isn’t it refreshing to see the little tykes dancing like kids? They actually have clothes on and not shakin’ their booties as if they are in a tacky music video! (Whew!!)  So nice to know that the innocence of children still exists!  Little girls twirling, and little man moving according to his own thang!  Gotta’ love it!

Finally, for those who might get a little too tipsy and take a fall tonight while going up some stairs or something, just know I’ll be laughing in Dolby… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Have a safe New Year!!!

  1. Okay… I just showed my husband this! Very cute! The little boy was fun to watch too! At first, I thought the tallest girl in the video was going to do some “much too old for her” dance moves, but I agree, all the girls were innocently “twirling” and having child like fun! Very cute video! Looks like a wedding instead of New Years, but I think I got the message here. As a mother, I may be a little bias, but I enjoyed this video because I just want to hug that little boy!

    And the quads! I saw them on America’s Funniest Videos once. I actually forgot how cute that was! I have had a laugh in the new year (“in Dolby”) too! Very cute!!!

    Thanks for the new year’s post! I will try to get my husband to check out your blog as well from time to time.

  2. Hi Cdobson! Glad you liked and got the “message” in this post! I have heard a few very funny tales with the tipsy adventures of friends who went out for New Year’s Eve. So glad we are not indulging in that activity anymore. The drive home is usually the scary part IMHO.

    And that little boy just made me want to squeeze him soooo tight! (LOL). And yes, it was a wedding– was the only one I could find that I like enough. I thought the quads would drill home the fact that I will definitely be laughing very loudly should someone take a fall! LOL!!!

    Thanks as always for stopping by. Here’s to a wonderfully prosperous and safe 2010 for you and yours.


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