Some History (to remind us all)

Americans spent nearly 10.66 Billion on Xmas sales Friday?!! Really?!! (UPDATED)


(It appears that some are not okay with the sharing of this much needed informational reminder because the original clips that were posted here, have been removed.  Thankfully, others are hip to the information and have made copies that IS available to distribute within the populace.  Note that no text has changed within our post, only the links to clips.  Sadly though, Part 3 of this documentary is not in it’s entirety via Youtube therefore, here’s a direct link for the full documentary via Vopod.  Parts 1 and 2 can be found here, but for the full documentary, click this link: Christmas Roots



I’m pretty shocked and disturbed by this figure considering we are in the midst of the worst economic crisis this country has ever seen.  One foreclosure after another, job loss hitting all time highs, yet we are still compelled to incur debt.  I guess it proves that the nature of the American people is based on consumerism.  I’m sure all of that spending wasn’t done with cash either.  I’m certain that some people were running up their credit card debt too.  I also doubt that the extreme spending is going to impact our suffering economy too.  The back of my mind tells me it is the corporations and not the “people” who will benefit most from this spending.  And that includes those fat bonuses for owners of these stores, rarely trickling down to the people who are working the registers or stocking the shelves or even creating jobs in the long run.  I could be wrong about that… I’m not an economist.

Just like any kid growing up, I too loved Xmas.  We even did “Christmas” caroling! (Yes, Black people did caroling.)   But I was taught by my father to challenge what I learned through the educational system (primarily because of the significant missing links in Black History).  My father was definitely an independent thinker and I’m glad he instilled that part of him in me– he went along with the whole “Christmas thing” because of my mother.

Some time into my adulthood, I began to research the true origins of “Christmas” and what I discovered changed my views for this “holiday”.  I no longer celebrate Xmas in that “traditional sense” that we have been trained to embrace.  This “holiday” is in fact based on Paganism… not the birth or celebration of Christ.  And, that happy image of a jolly white-bearded man who comes down the chimney, drinks milk and eats cookies, giving “good children” gifts while “bad children” got sticks or coal is a falsehood that should never have existed.  I still love this time of year because I like winter and fall– the changing of the leaves and snow is what thrills me… not going into unnecessary debt to show that I’m a giving person.   I give throughout the year.   Yes, I stopped that buying frenzy madness years ago.  Not to rain on anyone’s parade of course, but I do think this is a good time to remind people about the true origins and nature of what “Christmas” is really about.  At first, I thought I’d write an essay for this post (was completely prepared to do that too), but luckily, there’s a clip on youtube that does a great job of laying out just the facts.  It is the same information I researched and read about years ago too.

Hopefully you all will view this with an open mind because there’s nothing fabricated in this clip.  Again, research on the subject is available at your local library.  (I can’t be the only library card holder… can I?)  I’m including all three parts of this documentary… it takes less than 30 minutes to view it too…

I truly hope that people will come to understand the seriousness of what they are immersing themselves in when participating in this fake holiday.  Please note the quote from Jeremiah 10:2-5 in this documentary too.

Not to get all religious on everyone, but this scripture seems fitting to end this post with: Hosea 4:6; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Don’t be fooled by the ways of this world… it is loaded with [so called] “leaders” who are filled with deception.  Peace to you all during this winter solstice.

10 thoughts on “Americans spent nearly 10.66 Billion on Xmas sales Friday?!! Really?!! (UPDATED)

  1. Good post! Really very brave of you too because I happen to think that most people won’t give this information the time and attention it really deserves. It IS a fake holiday. We never celebrated this “holiday” growing up (thank goodness). It is rooted in nothing but deception. And did Americans really spend that much in one day? Shocking!

    Here’s something I thought you might like to post on one day. Take a look at this when you have time I liked Hip Hop a lot, but now, I hear it for what it really is, another form of deception. After reading your post on Vaccines, Swine Flu and the CDC, I think you might appreciate this information.

    Keep up the good work! By the way, Congrats on your 10K mark! Way to go!

    Take care.

    • Hi Audrey! Thank you for the KUDOS! I appreciate it. Hey… I just write about the things that jar in me “Why O’ Why”, hence the name of the blog. I figure, it’s good to put the information out there is all. And yes, the research showed Americans spent just that much last Friday. While most are going into more debt, I figure I’ll be able to retire early. (smiles).

      I just reviewed your recommended clip… I recently got hip to that whole thing not too long ago. I don’t think the masses is quite ready for this revelation because they are under hypnosis by it. I hadn’t listened to any of the newer artists because they were simply unappealing to me. But I’m hip to this subject for sure. I recently had a discussion with someone about Jay Z and his song Lucifer. The title of that song gave me the pure creeps… but seems like massive amount of folks didn’t catch the true meaning of it. It’s definitely not a creative or expressive way of music, it is dancing with “darkness”. But thanks for the heads up. I may attack this subject sometime down the road though. But thanks again for chiming in and peeping what is written on this blog. I sincerely appreciate it. Have a good one!


      • I’m happy to know that you’re aware of this subject. It does need more exposure. I hope you weren’t offended by the suggestion. I’m finding that I do like what you all write about. I usually observe, but every now and then, I post comments on blogs (including this one). I do like what “Why O Why” writes about. Have a good one too. I look forward to your new postings as well.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Well done too. People may not be ready for this information but good to see others are aware. I’m an Atheist but I don’t believe in Paganism either. I am bookmarking this blog because this post ROCKED!!!

    • Awe!!! Thank you for the kind words. And for the record, I don’t really care whether a person believes in a Higher source or not, just as long as it’s not something dark that one believes in. It doesn’t personally affect me one way or the other, you know?

      But it is kinda’ sad that so many believe that what they are doing by celebrating this holiday is harmless to them. I try to give people the freedom to express their points of view on any subject they find on this blog. So thanks for chiming in The1andonly! Welcome to our family here! Peace!

  3. Ironically, or NOT, none of this is taught in Sunday school, or Christian Vacation Bible school…LOL…I have told several of my “saved” friends that Christmas is wrought with Pagan traditions only for them to look at me like I had 2 heads. Oh well….

    Great post!!!

    • hahaha! I know… it’s our parents who hand this info down to us. I’m just glad my dad was the kind of person he was. I’ve gotten that “look of 2 heads” myself. I guess oh well is all you can really say, right? Can’t “SAVE THE WORLD” that’s for sure.

      Sidebar: when are you going add some more posts to your blog, lady?

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