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Cyber-security chief resigns in protest! Good for him, but wait, there’s more…!!!

I received this email a few days back… wanted to take the time to read it and the current status of the subject.  His name is Rod A. Beckstrom and he did a very good (largely unnoticed) thing back then (March 2009)…

Rod A. Beckstrom

As quoted in a Washington Post article back in March of this year, Becktrom;Calls consolidation of power in National Security Agency (NSA) ‘bad strategy'”.

The official in charge of coordinating the U.S. government’s cyber-security operations has quit, saying the expanding control of the National Security Agency over the nation’s computer security efforts poses “threats to our democratic processes.”  “Even from a security standpoint, it is unwise to hand over the security of all government networks to a single organization,” said Rod A. Beckstrom, the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) when speaking to United Press International.

“If our Founding Fathers were taking part in this debate [about the future organization of the government’s cyber-security activities], there is no doubt in my mind they would support a separation of security powers among different [government] organizations, in line with their commitment to checks and balances,” he said. That’s such a PROFOUND AND IMPORTANT STATEMENT HE MADE, in my very humbled and concerned opinion!

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last week, Mr. Beckstrom said the NSA “dominates most national cyber efforts” and “effectively controls DHS cyber efforts through detailees, technology insertions and the proposed move” of the NCSC to an NSA facility at the agency’s Fort Meade, Md., headquarters.  “I believe this is a bad strategy on multiple grounds,” Mr. Beckstrom wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by UPI. “The intelligence culture is very different than a network operations or security culture. In addition, threats to our democratic processes are significant if all top-level government network security and monitoring are handled by any one organization.” Greg Garcia, who was the Bush administration’s first presidentially appointed head of cyber-security at DHS before leaving last December – and who worked with Mr. Beckstrom for nine months – told UPI that although he did not share Mr. Beckstrom’s anxiety, “I recognize the cautionary flag he is raising.”

Mr. Beckstrom’s resignation – after less than a year in office – comes as the Obama administration moves to complete a 60-day review of the way cyber-security efforts are organized in the U.S. government.  Successive administrations have wrestled with the complex problem of how to delineate and define the roles of various intelligence, military and security agencies in assuring the integrity of the nation’s computer networks, the vast majority of which are owned and operated by the private sector and depend for their efficacy on their open and accessible, and therefore security-unfriendly, architecture.

“There’s been a lot of duplication and not enough coordination,” Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, a former senior congressional staffer on the House Homeland Security Committee, told UPI.  Mr. Garcia said there had been a “fairly collaborative partnership, not just between NSA and DHS, but … with a whole lot of moving parts” and different agencies within the government.  “Clearly, both operationally and technologically, the intelligence community is a key element,” he said of the sprawling and sometimes fractious collection of spy agencies that serve the U.S. government. But he said DHS’ role had to be primary “from a legal standpoint and from a trust and privacy standpoint.”  SOURCE: Washington Post.com


Now… the reason I’m posting this “old but important information”, is because of the recent appointment to a guy who appears to being going “full speed ahead” on this unfounded, un-Constitutional” effort that is going to affect us all is because of an article I came across by Huffington Post. This puppet (pictured below) is going forward and ignoring wise criticism of Cyber Security…

The article in part states: Obama has tapped Howard A. Schmidt, longtime computer security executive who worked in the Bush administration and has extensive ties to the corporate world, according to a senior White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement will not be made until Tuesday.  Schmidt’s selection comes more than 10 months after Obama declared cyber security a priority and ordered a broad administration review.  The official said Obama was personally involved in the selection process and chose Schmidt (please keep that in mind, down the road, we will see if our President has any recall of his participation in this disturbing appointment) after an extensive search because of his unique background and skills. Schmidt will have regular and direct access to the President for cybersecurity issues, the official said.  Now… click here for the full article by Huffington Post: Howard A. Schmidt Tapped To Be Obama’s Cybersecurity Czar

I’ve clearly highlighted my initial concerns… I have no qualms about making that known either.  This is such a disturbing turn and a blatant disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I wonder how I missed the issue back in March of this year!  And then I remembered… I was transitioning from one country to another.  Keep your eyes open folks… some shit is about to happen in a very bad way with this!  I’m not a betting woman, but if I were, I have no doubts that we are about to see a huge change with the internet usage and who is going to be considered a threat… right here in the good ole U. S. of A!!!

In closing, I don’t doubt that something happened with the recent Amsterdam to Detroit flight… exactly what and who are the players involved… well, the “story” is still undisclosed to me regardless of what mainstream media is feeding us right now!!!  This has false flag written all over it and is an re-introduction (reminder) of “our security being threatened” via “Al Qaeda”.  Frankly, I think the entire “threats” that our government continues to feed us is beginning to get quite sloppy.  Is anyone familiar with Operation Northwoods?  Here’s a very brief summary: In 1961, in an effort for our government to invade Cuba, there were was plan placed on the table to fly planes into buildings here in the U.S.  This never happened because our President back then (can you guess who that was) was not “okay” with it…

As always stated here, I prefer you do your own research, but here’s a place for you to start… Operationnorthwoods documentation

Hey… have fun, enjoy and live your lives of course, but PLEASE pay attention to the shit that is happening around us (and right before our eyes)!  I can’t stress enough, the nature of these types of subjects (that so many are speaking out about these days) is not based paranoia, nor theories.  Freedom of Information Act (FIA), National Archives, etc., corroborates as well.  I personally, am simply not that creative to come up with the things that we are exposing on “Why O’ Why”Shit… it actually bothers me “to go down this lane” at all, but I cannot nor will I, ignore factsPeace!

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