Waterbury woman arrested over demands that couple have 3-way sex

MONROE — A Waterbury woman has been charged with repeatedly calling a local female resident to demand that she and her husband join her in a sexual “threesome.”  Anna Bambino, 30, of Pierpont Road, Waterbury, was charged Friday with breach of peace.  She was released on a written promise to appear in court.

Bambino called the couple’s home about a half-dozen times, police said. Bambino, who is acquainted with the Monroe woman through a mutual friend, in each of the calls suggested the woman and her husband have three-way sex with her, police said.  After officers confronted Bambino, she confessed to making the calls, police said. However, she claimed to have been intoxicated at the time, according to the police report.  SOURCE: The Advocate

Just a couple of things with this, Am I the only one who’s never heard of a crime called “breach of peace”?  And I wonder if this person would have just gotten off with just a warning by authorities if she was actually a “hottie”… below is Anna…

6 thoughts on “Waterbury woman arrested over demands that couple have 3-way sex

  1. Yeah, it should be a crime for THAT troll to be harrassing folks for a threesome!! UGH!!! In all other cases where the chick is a hottie…let her off with a warning and give her you number. LOL 😉

    • Now see, that’s a response I would have expected from a dude! LOL!!! But I get it, that’s exactly why I posed the question. LOL!! She’s “ugly” trying to commit a “sexy crime”, so cops came up with a bullshit charge. If she looked like Laila Ali or Angelina Jolie, I’m sure the cop would say; “don’t do it again, leave them alone… and by the way, here’s my number, call me”. LOL! But in all honesty, she is a scary looking dude (I mean chick)! hahaha.

  2. Oh, yikes! What the hell must the husband look like? I actually thought the photo was of him, and here I was thinking “lucky bastard!! This is disrupting my harmony!

    Listening to Dream Letter by Tim Buckley (Jeff’s dad, also dead?

    • hahaha! I’m guessing I must work on my composition a bit more… the photo is the woman that was harassing the couple (who are not shown)! LOL! Only Anna is shown in pic you guys will see (the horny single chick that wanted to hook up with the couple and was rejected/reported to the police)! hahaha! Had to correct that so not “to disrupt your harmony” or anyone else for that matter! hahaha! (sorry for the confusion)! *chuckles aloud*

      Listening: Running for Your Lovin’ by Brothers Johnson. (Unfamiliar with Dream Letter by Tim Buckley so “youtubed it”— too “down” for my personal taste). Here’s the link for Brothers Johnson jam I’m hearing right now 😉 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTaAcmVPgYw. I’m listening to my personal CD, but thought you might like to hear this if you’ve never heard it before.

  3. Oh no, m’dear Jazz! The error was mine! I was drunk typing, so I misunderstood what you wrote. I have since sobered up -ish. But, actually your corrected scenario is far worse! hahaha! Anything having to to with that woman in the photo would be a nightmare. Poor everybody within arms length of her!
    You’re right about Tim Buckley, btw. One has to be in a certain mind frame for him, and I must’ve been thinking about going to bed, which I didn’t. Try him while you’re trying to take a nap and see if that doesn’t do the trick!
    Really, Jazz? You don’t think I know about the Brothers Johnson? Are we not, more or less, in the same generation? Get The Funk Out of My Face!* Saw what I did there?

    Listening: Think by Lyn Collins

    *I’m really hoping that you know that it’s a Bros Johnson song.

    • Drunk typing LOL! Tis the season to be jolly so it’s cool (and funny)! hahaha!!! “Poor everybody within arms length of her” LOL! Good one! She is pretty scary looking though. Double yikes!

      And yes, I’m sure you know who Brothers Johnson are. Some people I know don’t remember the song that’s why I added the groups name… 🙂

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