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EMT duo may face jail time! (Updated status)

Brooklyn prosecutors are eyeing stiff charges that carry potential prison time for the two EMTs accused of failing to help a dying, pregnant woman on their coffee break, The Post has learned.

The EMTs — Jason Green and Melisa Jackson — will likely be slapped with reckless-endangerment raps if the District Attorney’s Office determines they acted criminally in connection with the Dec. 9 deaths of Au Bon Pain worker Eutisha Rennix, 25, and her prematurely born baby, sources said.  First-degree reckless endangerment carries a maximum seven-year prison term upon conviction, while the second-degree charge calls for a one-year max.   There has to be an additional blasting for Jeff Samerson, an executive with EMS Union Local 2507 Monday, when he told reporters the pair “have not had patient contact in years.”  Click here for the full updated story to include video of the mother’s response to this tragedy: EMT Duo May Face Jail Time SOURCE: NY Post.com

I’m glad to see that this matter is being taken very seriously.  I can’t wait until their mugshots are published because I hope everyone who is following this story will post them just as I plan to.

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