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Down With Coed Bathrooms!

That might be going a little too far, and one Green Mountain College student agrees. Jennifer Weiler, a Green Mountain freshman, is suing her school for a lack of girls-only bathrooms. And homegirl’s making a pretty good case. I mean, I can count on about three fingers the amount of people I know who would feel comfortable stripping down and jumping in the shower with strangers and hall-mates of the male persuasion. Especially if nothing sexual was being followed. Click here for the full story: COED BATHROOMS Thanks “T” for sending this one in because you know I never would have found THAT site! LOL!

Too many disastrous things to count that could go terribly wrong with that concept for me.  What could school officials be thinking (or in this case, smoking) to come up with this foul brainchild?  This has one law suit after another written all over it!

2 thoughts on “Down With Coed Bathrooms!

  1. I agree, this is a bad idea! Can’t imagine this would fair well in the least bit. One really has to wonder what are they thinking (or smoking)? (Funny reference by the way). Just thought I’d pop by today before heading out to see some relatives. This will make for good conversation over dominoes and drinks.

    Happy Holidays.

    • Happy Holidays to you too! Hope you guys had fun over the libations and games too. Good times indeed!

      I sure hope they re-think this because as a woman, I’d definitely protest it.

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